Thursday, May 8, 2008

She's a mover and shaker - 7 months old!

Well Izabel is 7 months old today and she is doing all kinds of new tricks! About a week ago she started crawling around on her tummy. Yesterday she started waving and she can now pull up to standing all by herself. It really is amazing to watch her learn new things. She's learning baby sign language now which means we're all learning it! It'll be fun when she picks it up. Here are some videos from home so you can see some of the new things she is doing and some of the fun she has at home with Daddy! Sorry some of them are so dark. Hopefully my new camera will be a little better!

Waving to Daddy!

Crawling on her tummy like a G.I. Joe!

Playing with Daddy! (Make sure you turn the sound on for this one!)