Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dinner with Girls

Every month some ladies from work and I get together for dinner. We each make a dish that we've been wanting to try and rotate houses. We have a great time and so far the food has been fantastic. Last night we had more great conversation and fantastic food. Izabel got to come because Noah is out of town....I know he's gone again! I was exhausted and not in the mood to chase her around a non baby proofed house but Izabel was fantastic. She didn't eat anything other than fruit and dessert (she's definitely my child) but she behaved better than I could have asked for especially since we didn't leave Hampton until about 9:30pm. Next month the dinner will be at our house since Tanner will be here and everyone will want to come see him!

I wish I would have taken a few more pictures but I was too busy trying to keep Izabel from breaking anything!

Eating dinner with Mrs. Sue!
Washing the dishes with her wipes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exhausted and Dehydrated!

It turned out that the weekend was way too much for me. It was probably a mistake to go and try to keep up with 14 students while almost 35 weeks pregnant. I was having contractions and couldn't manage to keep any food down. Monday morning I was still sick so I called out of work and stayed in bed until the afternoon. Then I called the doctor. It had been since Saturday morning since I had kept any food down so they thought I should come in. I was incredibly dehydrated and still having contractions. They sent me over to labor and delivery for IV fluids. We were there for almost 5 hours. It took 3 bags of fluid to get the contractions to stop and they pumped a bunch of anti-nausea stuff so that I could keep some food down. The doctor told me to stay in bed until I had gone 24 hours without contractions or being sick and I seem to be much better now. Tanner is doing very well and he is moving all over the place. Now it's back to work but there are only 13 days left until Spring Break and maternity leave so hopefully I'll be able to finish it out!

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was State DECA competition for my students. We left Friday morning to stay in Downtown Norfolk. We started with lunch on the Spirit of Norfolk. They had great food and a DJ so the kids had a great time. Then we got checked into the hotel and settled before we started with meetings and opening sessions.

Some of my students on the Spirit of Norfolk
Dancing on the boat!
Sydney campaigning for a State DECA Office
Accepting a Chapter award on stage!

The rest of the weekend was filled with competitions and keeping up with my 14 students. I had a really hard time with the long hours and lots of walking but the kids had a great time. Saturday night they had a big dance for the students. Noah and I went down to watch but there were so many kids there we couldn't really see anything so we just went back upstairs.

Dinner at Hooters
Getting ready to go to the dance
Craziness at the Super Dance!

Sunday morning we had the final awards ceremony and then headed home. We didn't have any winners this year but everyone did a great job and I'm pretty sure they had a great time in spite of the terrible weather!