Sunday, August 28, 2011

Natural Disasters and Random Pictures

So Virginia has gone through almost all of the natural disasters possible in the last week! We started with a very random 5.9 earthquake on Tuesday. Talk about scary! It was really not a big deal and the people from California got a big laugh over our craziness, but feeling the ground move underneath you in a place where it never does is scary. I don't need to feel that ever again! Then we all braced ourselves for hurricane Irene which hit last night. She started out looking very scary and did cause some damage to a big part of the area, but we were pretty luck and never even lost power. Out of Irene came a tornado at Sandbridge that did some pretty bad damage to the beautiful rental houses down there and threatened to come through our area. Through all of this we have been smelling the smoke from a wildfire in the great dismal swamp for a while now. Hopefully we won't have any tsunamis or blizzards in the near future because this area needs a break!!!

Now on to the pictures! I heard recently that I haven't been getting pictures up a lot and I know it's been pretty bad. I did warn you in my last post that as my life gets crazier this year I will be posting less and less! Here are some random pictures from the last couple weeks to hold you over for a while :)

Tanner bowling for the first time - he loved it!
The shoes went great with her outfit!
Love the hands on the hips!

Our anniversary dinner in Atlantic City - look closely!
6 years of marriage
Nothing like a bunch of purple chips to help us celebrate!!!

Izabel likes to read to Tanner
and play Angry Birds with Daddy :)