Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Festivities

We were pretty excited to celebrate Halloween with Izabel this year. It's not technically her first one but since she was only about 3 weeks old last year this is the first year we have really been able to do stuff! Sunday night we went to Hallelujah Harvest at church. They have trunk-r-treating, games, great food, a band, and an underwater world to walk through. Izabel had a great time learning how to trunk-r-treat. We got to see lots of friends and we had a great time.

After getting so excited for all the candy (that I didn't let her eat) I knew she would be excited to go trick-or-treating! We decided we would go to Noah's Aunt's court, my mom's court and to visit my grandma. We also stopped by our neighbors house. Izabel had been walking around so much that she was exhausted so in between each stop she would sleep in the car. I thought she would be over it when I had to wake her up but she was ready to go again as soon as her feet hit the ground. She was so cute and had so much fun! Next year will be a lot more fun for her though because I might actually let her have some candy and her little brother or sister will be going along with us!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

1 Year Well Check

Thursday and Friday were full of doctor's appointments for Miss Izabel. Thursday we had her one year visit with the orthopedist. In case you haven't been following that long here's the story behind that. Izabel was fully breeched when she was born. For the last two months or so that I was pregnant she sat with her head in my ribs and her feet pulled up close to her face pushing into my back. Because of sitting like this for so long a lot babies' hips don't develop properly. We started seeing the orthopedist, Dr. St. Remy, at CHKD all most right away. He prescribed a leg brace for when she was really little for a couple months to try and correct the problem before Izabel started moving. We tried to use it as much as we could but she hated it and it was so sad. Well what time we did get in worked because not only did Izabel develop correctly but she is now further developed than most children her age and Dr. St. Remy couldn't be happier! After some x-rays he said she has officially graduated from him and we probably won't see him again unless the new baby is born the same way (they say it can happen with 2nd and 3rd children if it happened with the first but we'll see). So that appointment was a great success.

On Friday we had our one year well check with Dr. Scott. Izabel weighs 19.8 lbs (25th percentile) and is 29 inches (50th percentile). She showed off by walking all around and "talking" to Dr. Scott. He checked her all out and says she looks great and she is developing wonderfully. She's on whole milk now which he was happy about it and she still has her night time bottle but other than that she is all on sippy cups and table food. The only issue was this diaper rash I can't seem to get rid of. Dr. Scott said it's not a diaper rash but a bacterial infection. He gave her some cream and it already looks better so no big deal. She did get several shots including a flu shot (which has made her pretty cranky this weekend) and she screamed like her heart was broken after they were done. Eventually I got her dressed and calmed down and life was good again. Dr. Scott said she's the picture of health. We're so happy and blessed to have such a perfect little girl!