Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School!

I can't believe I am even typing this but today was Izabel's first day of preschool! This was the first time she has ever been away from one of us and in a structured school environment and she had a great time!

I took her to school this morning around 7:00am and walked her in. Of course we took some pictures (that I will add to this post soon) in front of the school first. I took her in and tried to get her to sit down and eat breakfast but she just wanted to cling to me. Then I tried to get her to play but she wasn't interested so I told her to sit down for a minute so I could go give her teachers her shot records. When I came back she was eating with a little girl named Sadie (love that name) and doing fine. I said goodbye and gave her a kiss and walked away. She never cried but I came pretty close! It's never been so hard to leave her before!

My mom and Tanner picked her up at 11:45am and I talked to her on the phone to hear about her day. She colored a great apple (staying in the lines), played with play dough, played outside, went potty, ate apples for snack, and made some friends but she couldn't remember their names. She said she is excited to go back tomorrow so I'm really happy it's going so well so far! Here's to hoping tomorrow goes well too! My little girl is so grown-up now!!!

*Question for the moms out there - Izabel came home with the schools fall fundraiser catalog. I don't mind buying something that I can actually use, but Noah has a big problem buying and selling stuff for a school that we pay a fortune in tuition for every month. What are your thoughts on fundraisers for expensive private schools?