Friday, May 30, 2008

We Have A Tooth!

Izabel's first tooth finally pushed through today! It's only sticking through a little bit so you can barely see it but you can feel it. We're making progress :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Picture Contest

We posted some of Izabel's pictures on for fun and entered them into some of their contests. One of them has to do with getting people to vote so click on this link and recommend her! Hope everyone is has a beautiful weekend :) VOTE NOW!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trying New Foods

We have been a little slow to introduce too many new finger foods. I know a lot of babies her age that are already on them but I also know that she doesn't need and may not be ready for them for a few more months so we are taking our time. We are also feeding her mostly organic foods and she is doing great! She has mastered all of the level two foods, drinking with her sippy cup, holding her bottle herself and eating little biscuits or teething cookies. Tonight we tried a banana and some carrot wagon wheels. She managed to get down a bite of each one but that was about it. She wasn't sure what she thought about the wagon wheels and she couldn't quite get a hold of the banana pieces. They kept slipping onto the backs of her hands or she would get one in the middle of her palm and not be able to get it into her mouth. It was actually kind of funny but I'm sure it was frustrating for her. I guess we'll try those again tomorrow. Practice makes perfect!

Where did the banana go?

I don't think I like these!

She'll get it in her mouth eventually!

Helping Mommy

Izabel is really great about staying on her schedule and doing everything she is supposed to do. She wakes up every morning around 7 and has cereal and a bottle for breakfast. Then she plays until nap time around 9. She wakes up and plays until lunch at about 11. For lunch she normally has a fruit and a veggie. Then she plays and we try to get her outside if the weather is nice. Around 3 she has an afternoon bottle. She has a dinner and a fruit around 5:30. Around 7 she has a bath and Daddy gets her in her PJs. We have a night time bottle and then she goes in her bed at 8. She is so perfect at bedtime. She is usually still awake but I take her in and say goodnight and put her down. She rarely makes a sound and if she does it is only for a minute. Schedules may not work for everyone but they definitly help this Mommy make it through the day...and more importantly the night!

Helping Mommy with the dishes!

It's never too early to start doing chores :)

Monday, May 26, 2008


So you may be wondering what we do down at the campsite all weekend. Here are a few pictures to show you what we spend most of the day doing!
This is what the girls do,

this is what the boys do,

and this is what Izzy does!

Izabel's First Camping Trip

Every Memorial Day weekend we go camping down at Holiday Travel Park in Virginia Beach. We stay with Noah's Aunt in a pop-up camper and there is running water and electricity so we're not really "roughing it" but we have a lot of fun and it is nice to have time to hang out with everyone. This year we got to take Izabel. She had so much fun playing outside and having everyone pay attention to her and we of course had a lot of fun showing her off! Here are some of our favorite pictures :) Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Playing with her toys outside!

Watching Daddy play volleyball!

Playing with the boys!

So excited!!!

Can we do this again?