Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I'm two weekends behind with the updates so I thought I'd combine them into one post and get it up this morning before our weekend activities start again!

Two weekends ago we had a baby shower for my good friend Courtney. Her baby is due in May, but she lives in CT and was down here to visit so we got together to celebrate. Most of the gifts were shipped to her house, but she still got some cute things and we had a great time playing games and catching up.

Cupcakes from Sweet Temptations!
Outfit from Hawaii
We're pretty sure she is having a boy but just in case :)

The next day the weather was beautiful so we packed a lunch and took the kids to Mt. Trashmore (or as Izabel calls it - trash mountain)! They just opened a huge new playground near Kid's Cove and the kids love playing there. We also went to the top of the mountain and then down the other side so we could walk around the lake. We all had a great afternoon!

The following weekend I was away again for State DECA competition. I went over to Norfolk Wednesday night to stay with my state officers and Noah came over on Friday with the rest of my students. I worked non-stop helping in a variety of ways including running all three of the marketing representative events. I was exhausted and could barely walk by Sunday, but it was a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll do it all again next year! We didn't have any overall winners in competitive events, but we accomplished some great things as a chapter this year and we had quite a few finalists in different categories as well as a scholarship winner. I also won an Outstanding Advisor Award, which I am pretty proud of since I have worked so hard this year! One of my state officers is running for National DECA President so we are off to Orlando at the end of April to help him campaign. It will be the last trip of the year and hopefully we will be successful! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Cassie and Campaign Manager Alicia
Cassie's Campaign Materials
Sydney's Campaign table with Emily as Campaign Manager
State Officers at Opening Session
Getting my Outstanding Advisor Award
Evan and Travis
2010-2011 Virginia DECA Officers
Kecoughtan DECA 2011
Even though we were completely exhausted Sunday night and all day at work on Monday, me and Noah and my Dad had to head up to Richmond Monday night to cheer on the ODU Men's basketball team in the CAA championship game against VCU! We really had no choice but to go since we are such big fans and VCU is our biggest rival :) We got there in time for the ODU alumni reception and then had a great time at the game. It was non-stop action which is so much fun and of course we won! Now we're onto the NCAA tournament! Let's go Monarchs!!!

Final Score ODU 70 - VCU 65
Students Rushing the Court
The rest of the week was pretty stressful with normal spring-time work stuff and planning to go to Nationals. I have also been looking into what I will do when I finish my Master's degree. I was really torn between a few different programs, but I think I have finally decided to apply to the OTS Ph.D. program at ODU! Fingers crossed again for me please as I get my packet together and wait for a decision! I'm pretty scared about starting this endeavor, but it has always been part of my overall plan for my career so the sooner I start the sooner I finish. My goal is to be Dr. Ketchledge by spring or summer of 2016. I know that sounds like a long way away, but it is a 3-5 year process! We'll see how I feel as I start applying, interviewing and getting more information in the coming months!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful again this weekend and Noah and I are both off Saturday and Sunday so we are looking forward to getting our house back together and spending time with the kids! We need this time to relax and be together since it doesn't happen very often! I hope everyone has a great week/weekend!