Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!

Yesterday my brother Matthew turned 18! I can't believe he is all grown up now! Izabel and I went over to my mom's after dinner and met up with everyone for cake and ice cream and presents. This is our normal tradition for birthdays since they all seem to fall in March and April. It gets to be way to much to go out to dinner or have some big event for everyone since there is at least one birthday every week for about 6 weeks. Of course Noah and I aren't helping by having Tanner in the middle of birthday season but everyone will survive! We all had a nice time chatting and Izabel got to show off her latest tricks. Noah was sick so he stayed home and we were missing Keith and Michelle but Josh was there so it was a pretty good gathering! Happy Birthday again and I hope you had a great day Matt!

Make a Wish!
Izzy reading a story with Aunt Amy
Trying to talk to the "Ruff Ruff"
(AKA - My mom's dog Tucker!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend

This weekend we had the most beautiful weather. It was in the 60s, 70s and even hit the 80s! We didn't have much planned so it was nice to open the windows and get outside. Friday night Noah had box seats to the hockey game so we took some friends and headed out there. The Admirals won and we had a great time.
Then Saturday Izabel decided to get up way too early so we were a little lazy for a while. Then we went outside to run around for a bit. I don't have that much energy to chase her around so we couldn't stay out that long and she was pretty mad when I made her come in. We did some much needed cleaning around the house and Izzy did a great job helping dust and clean the windows! She loves cleaning. She'll grab a tissue and start cleaning the floor or her toys! Then we went out to the hockey game again. It was mascot night so we took Izabel and she did great. She loved looking at all of the different mascots as they walked by and she couldn't have been better behaved! The Admirals won again and it was another great night!

Doing her chores before she can go to the game!

Some of the mascots out on the ice
Meeting The Fox!
Not afraid of the sea turtle

Sunday I got to sleep in a little bit which was a much needed change of pace. Then I made breakfast and hung out with Izzy. We were heading out to the park after lunch until she fell asleep in her high chair. We decided to put her down for a nap and then go. She slept until about 3. Then we headed out to Mt. Trashmore with Theresa, Amy, Ray and Matthew. We wanted to play at Kids Cove but it was way too crowded to do anything so we pulled Izabel around in the wagon and let her run around in the grass. She loved running around and trying to take toys from the other kids! It was such a great day and everyone was out enjoying the weather. After we played for about an hour we went to Tropical Smoothie where kids eat free on Sundays! Izabel loves the smoothies there and couldn't get enough of the strawberry banana smoothie that came with her meal. We played for a while and let her stay up a little later to help adjust with the time change. Then we all went to bed to get ready for another work week! Only 20 more days of work for me!!! Have a great week everyone!

Pulling her wagon instead of riding in it
Saying hello to the puppies
Running around
Noah, Theresa and Izzy
Running down the hill...she fell shortly after this picture!
Having so much fun!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

17 Months!

It's hard to believe that it's been 17 months since Izabel came into our lives and changed them forever! Now in just one more month both our lives and Izabel's life will be changed again with the arrival of Tanner. Of course these changes have been for the better and we couldn't be happier. Izabel is thriving and she makes us laugh everyday with the new things she comes up with. She gives high fives, shakes hands, and will give you a "knuckle sandwich". It's so funny to watch her and then she starts laughing when we do which just makes us laugh harder. She loves to play peek-a-boo and hide and seek. She'll hide against the wall and cover her eyes thinking we can't see her and we'll walk all around her calling out her name like we don't know where she is. She'll start giggling and finally reveal herself. She talks to Tanner everyday and gives him lots of kisses. The other day she looked at my belly and said "Hi Tay Tay!" She still doesn't know what she's in for with a new baby in the house but right now she loves him and is excited to have him come live with her. She loves to go in his room whenever we open the door. She's still a very picky eater and still very small for her age. She is finally getting into 12 month clothes which is a problem since it is finally getting warm and all of her 12 month clothes are winter. Now she needs new clothes and she has a whole section of clothes she never got to wear! She loves to read and is finally able to sit through a book instead of just flipping the pages without giving us enough time to read them. She has a mouth full of teeth and she reminds me every night to brush them. She sleeps in her bed every night with her boppy pillow and almost always goes right to sleep and sleeps until about 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning! Thank goodness she sleeps well because we are not morning people! She knows a lot of signs now and will use them at the right times. We are still trying to get her to talk more but it will come. All in all she is a very happy, smart and healthy little girl and we are so blessed to be her parents! Happy 17 Months Izzy!