Tuesday, February 3, 2009

28 Week Checkup

We saw Dr. Hammer yesterday for my 28 week visit. Tanner sounds good and everything is going well. We talked about when we would schedule the c-section and he is looking at about 10 days early which puts us around the 10th of April. That means I have right around 9 weeks left! I also told him about the headaches. He prescribed me some medicine that I can only take at night and that I can't take often but we were hopeful it would help me at least get one night's sleep. Turns out it didn't work and I still have not had any relief in almost a week! If anyone has any nice at home remedies for headaches I would appreciate you passing them on. At this point I'll do just aout anything to go for at least a little while without my head hurting!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Atlantic City

This weekend Noah and I went up to Atlantic City. Noah was invited to play in this free blackjack tournament and I thought a nice relaxing weekend away would do me good so as soon as I got off work on Friday we headed up there. The drive was really rough on me. I wasn't thinking how uncomfortable I would be being in the car for so long but we finally got there. Noah played his first (and ended up being his last) round in the blackjack tournament and then we went to dinner. We played at a table for a little while and then I headed up to bed. I thought I would spend a lot of time sleeping but I have been waking up in the middle of the night with migraines and it turns out that a hotel is not a great place to have them. Every time someone opened or closed their door I heard it and ended up getting less sleep than I do at home. Saturday we went and had breakfast and then visited a timeshare down the boardwalk. It's a lot to explain but we basically exchanged our week at Massanutten for points that we can use not only at resorts but on airfare and rental cars and all of those kind of things to make it easier to travel. My parents already were involved in this program so we kind of knew what we were getting into before we went. That took most of our afternoon so we headed back for a quick dinner and then I went to watch a movie and Noah went to play poker. He didn't play long so we ended up watching a movie together and then he went to a sports bar to watch the UFC fight while I tried to get some sleep but the same thing ended up happening. Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast and then hit the road to get home before the big game and to see Izzy. We missed her like crazy and we were so excited to get lots of hugs and kisses when we walked in the door! Today I'm off to the doctor and hopefully he is going to be able to do something about these headaches that I have had pretty solidly since Wednesday! Have a great week!