Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Part II

Christmas morning we actually got up before Izabel. I got up about 8 so I could get a shower and get ready before Izabel got up. Noah got up right after me and we went in to wake Izabel up. Noah got the tree on and got the video recorder ready and I brought Izabel in. She didn't know what to think at first. We showed her the things from Santa (they were already open and set up) and she started playing with them. She tried out her chair and then fell out of it trying to get up. She played with her new Mega Blocks and her monkey toy. Then we opened our stockings. After stockings we made waffles and all ate breakfast. Then we got back to opening presents. Izabel opened her new baby (more about that later), her stroller and high chair, and her music table. Noah got me all of the books on my list so I'll be set for at least a few weeks and I had his Grandfather's watch and the watch I got him while we were dating fixed. We played for a little bit and then got ready and headed over to Grandma's house to do Christmas with my family.

Before we got started (Santa doesn't wrap presents for our house!)
Izzy's stockingHer Go Baby Go Toy from SantaChecking out her new chairA new baby that she fell in love with right awayOpening presents continued for a while at Grandma's house. They hadn't even started yet so we watched as they opened their presents and then we opened all of ours. Izabel got the sit and spin pony. She can bounce on it and it hooks up to the tv to play games and music. She got an ODU cheerleader outfit to wear to football games in the fall, a couple other outfits, a laugh and learn piggy bank and plenty of tissue paper and boxes to play with!

Getting ready for ODU Football with a cheerleader outfitHelping Grandma open some of her presents
Loving the Pony but not quite ready to get on it!
We played for a while and tried to get Izabel to play with her pony (she wasn't quite sure about it yet) and then we tried really hard to get her to take a nap. She ended up taking a ride in the car where she finally fell asleep for a little while. Then it was time to eat and my mom made all her best stuff! We had an amazing dinner and lots of great desserts too. Then we all sat around and talked while the boys played video games. My Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Judy came over for a little while to visit. Izabel thought she needed a diaper change so she got a diaper out of her bag, laid down on a piece of tissue paper and stuck her legs up in the air. It was so funny we were all dying laughing! Everyone was still talking about it today. We ended up home around 7 and we were all exhausted and ready for bed. I think all three of us slept better than we have in a while (even Tanner managed to let me sleep through the night!) It was a great day with the family and we couldn't have asked for anything more!

Christmas Eve

On Wednesday we still had lots to do so we got up and got going. We picked up a few last presents for Daddy's stocking and then had lunch with Grandma and Granny Mary. Izzy got all kinds of presents there. Then we headed home for a nap and to finish wrapping presents. Izabel slept pretty late so we didn't have time to bake cookies for Santa but she did draw a picture of what she wanted to leave for him. We got dressed and went to church where Izabel stayed in the service almost the whole time. She loved watching all of the people singing and looking around at the crowded sanctuary. Noah took her out at the end during communion and invitation because it got very quiet for a little while but other than that she she stayed and was perfect. Then we went out to dinner with my parents, brother and Grandma. We came home and put out milk and cookies for Santa before opening her first Christmas present (Christmas PJs) and getting into bed. Then Noah and I went to work getting everything ready for the big morning!

Milk and cookies for Santa
Izzy's first letter to SantaAre these cookies for me?I have to try it before I give it to Santa!
Okay he can have the rest

Christmas Part I

The weekend before Christmas Noah's parents came to visit on their way down to Florida. On Sunday we did Christmas with them. We had a fantastic homemade spaghetti dinner and then we opened presents. Everyone was very generous. Izabel got the cutest GAP sweatshirt from Aunt Theresa, a big box of books that have DVDs to go with each one, cowgirl boots from Gymboree and the cutest little suitcase for her to pull around. They got us the big George Foreman grill with all of the inter-changeable plates and a wireless router (I'm sitting on the couch typing this right now!) We also got a hand-held massager, digital photo frame and several other things. Everyone had a great day together and Izabel had lots of fun helping everyone open their presents and playing with hers! Mimi and Papa had to leave to head down to Florida but they'll be back this weekend for some more quality time with Izzy!

Checking out Papa Bear's present
Checking out a box...boxes and tissue paper seem to be the favorites!Helping Auntie open her new down comforter from us!Pulling her new suitcase around
Her new cowgirl boots!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1st Ear Infection

We've been pretty lucky so far with Izabel. She got sick with a UTI when she was 2 months old but other than that she has only really had a couple runny noses until now! Thursday night I noticed she was running a fever but she is cutting her molars so I figured it was just from that. Then Friday my mom called and said Izzy was sick. She still had a fever and she just wasn't herself. Her temp that night was 103.8. I called the dr because I thought that was a little high and they said just to focus on keeping her hydrated and switch to Mortin to try and bring the temp down. Saturday morning her temp was better and she seemed fine so we didn't go to the dr. Saturday night her temp was up to 104.2. We called the dr again and they said to take her to urgent care to see if she needed an antibiotic or iv fluids. We took her to Patient First and they really didn't know what they were doing where infants are concerned. They took her temp under the arm and said it was like 100 when I knew it was higher and then they said she weighed 16 lbs which would mean she lost over 4 lbs since her 12 month check up! They did pretty well taking her blood and it came back with a high white blood cell count so they knew it was something bacterial. They prescribed an antibiotic and we were done. Sunday she seemed much better and Mimi and Papa were here so she had fun playing with them and opening some Christmas presents (those pics will be in the next post!) Then Monday morning I could tell she didn't feel good. She was really fussy and she kept pulling on her ear so we went to see Dr Scott. He said she did have an ear infection in her right ear and he prescribed a much higher dosage of antibiotic. He said the amount they gave her at Patient First was lower than he would give a newborn! So she's been on the right dose for a while now and seems to be doing a little better although neither one of us got any sleep last night! I guess it could be worse since we made it over 14 months before we had to deal with this!!!