Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day #1

That's right...we got snow in Virginia! And not just a little dusting like normal, we got SNOW. Some areas got as much as 12 inches. I think we got around 4 or 5 so far and it's supposed to snow a little more tonight. We've been pretty lazy today but we all bundled up to go outside for a little while. The kids have never seen snow before so I was excited to see them experience it. Izabel loved it! She wanted us to help her walk in it but she did not want to come in. Tanner cried the whole time I was getting him ready and then cried as soon as I brought him in. I think he liked it too! I didn't really let him crawl around in it though because I don't really have snow clothes for him to wear. Maybe tomorrow! Here are the pics from our first snow day and I'm sure there will be many more tomorrow.

Tanner "walking" in the snow
It was much easier to walk in the street
It was still coming down!
Daddy loves the snow!
Izzy's first snow angel

National Chocolate Cake Day!

Wednesday was National Chocolate Cake Day and of course we had to celebrate so we had a playdate with chocolate cupcakes! Izzy's friends came over and we frosted and decorated a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. They had a lot of fun with all the sprinkles but their favorite part was eating them. They did really well and there really wasn't that much of a mess to clean up. After they ate they played for a while so the mom's could chat. It was a great night!

Tanner playing with Emily
Izzy dumped a whole bottle of sprinkles on her cupcake
(Good thing it was already half empty!)
Andy and his brother Seth (still in Kim's tummy!)
They all loved this toy!

Some Random Pics

Here are just a few pics that I wanted to share! We have had super cold weather and it gets dark so early in the evenings so we don't get outside all that often. Whenever we get the chance we take it! Izabel loves having Tanner ride with her in the wagon. We even took a walk with Evie and Lily! Enjoy :)

Evie and Izzy
All of the grown-ups went too
Ready to go!
Izzy likes to pull Tanner by herself
They're all snuggled up and ready to go

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just a few things to mention today. Izabel and Tanner are both doing really well. A little over a week ago they both had really high fevers for no apparent reason. I took them both the pediatrician but nothing was wrong so we just gave them tylenol and motrin and waited. They are both feeling much better now.

Tanner is a little crankier than normal but he has some new teeth coming in so that is probably why. We have started giving him more and more table foods. He has eaten bananas, cheese, noodles, carrots and pears. He's not a fan of doing it himself though! He is still happy most of the time (except for when the teeth are bothering him) but he is starting to get more annoyed with Izabel. He waves and gives kisses and says Mama all the time. He even waves and kisses himself in the mirror and it's so cute.

Izabel is talking more and more but she is still having trouble getting some words out and making some sounds. We're working on getting an appointment with the speech therapist at CHKD for an evaluation. We've also been looking at preschools for the fall so hopefully those two things will help a lot! Our church just started a 3 and 4 year old program so we're hoping they will take her. She loves movies now and wants to watch Nemo everyday! She is also playing more in her room now that Tanner can come in and keep her company. It's nice to see them starting to play together.

Over the weekend we tried to relax. Noah and I got to go see The Book of Eli Friday night. I thought it was pretty good. Saturday morning Noah had a class and then when he got home I went to a baby shower for one of the moms in the playgroup. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to get to chat with everyone without having to chase the kids around! Sunday we went to church and then Amy and Ray came over for dinner and to play games. We had a really nice time. This week is exam week at school so my schedule is a little more relaxed. The problem for me is that DECA projects are due next week so they need to be in the mail by Friday. DECA is the student organization I run and the projects are 10-30 page written manuals for state competition. This year we are sending 6 of them so that is a lot of editing and re-editing for me! It'll be worth it to see my students succeed!

I don't have any pictures because I left my camera at the baby shower but I should get it back tonight at our play date. I'll post another update in the next couple of days so you can see how we celebrated National Chocolate Cake Day! Have a great rest of the week :)