Saturday, December 15, 2012

Visiting Santa

Between the school semester ending for both Noah and I, and sheer craziness at work....let's just say Christmas activities have been limited. We finally got out on Tuesday night to go see Santa and Amy and Ray brought Rowan along as well. We wanted to coordinate their outfits for the picture but the girls haven't gotten their dresses yet, so we got out their new Christmas jammies and ended up getting the cutest picture. I'm so happy they cooperated and they had a lot of fun together!

We've also been having a great time with Charlie the Elf this year. He's been getting into quite a bit of mischief playing with the toys and doing some extreme sports around the house. I can't wait to see what he gets into next!!


Last weekend was all sports. On Friday night we went to the ODU v. VCU basketball game. Of course this has not been a great basketball season for us so we knew it would be a tough game, but we went with a good friend and had a great time. Saturday morning was the big playoff game with ODU playing Georgia Southern. We have had an amazing football season and we would have loved to see our team go all the way, but they couldn't make it past GSU once again. It was heartbreaking but an 11-2 season's not too shabby! Then on Sunday Noah and I went to the Redskins v. Ravens game in D.C. The Redskins won in overtime. We had a wonderful time with my best friend and some new friends. We suffered through the first couple days of the week but we had a lot of fun!

Tailgating at ODU
FedEx Field