Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Auntie's 18th Birthday Party!

On Saturday we celebrated Theresa'a 18th birthday (even though here birthday wasn't until Sunday!) We had a big cookout with family and close friends in the afternoon and then a bunch of Theresa's friends came over and had a big party later that night. We all had a great time and I think Theresa really enjoyed it. Now she's finally legal! I know, I think it's a little scary too :)

Izabel thought she was big enough to get her own chair!
Walking with Grandma and Mimi (my mom and Noah's mom!)
Can you tell where she got her blue eyes?
Theresa, Kate and Me!
The Birthday Girl....I think she was having a good time!

Izzy's First Trip to the Beach!

Okay I know we live right down the street from the beach but when you grow up here it's not so exciting to go all the time. So here it is the end of July and it takes Noah's parents coming to visit to finally get me to take Izabel for her first beach day! We didn't stay too long but Izabel loved it! She loved digging her toes into the sand and watching the waves come closer and closer to here feet. She had so much fun experiencing something new. We went Friday and then again on Sunday and she had just as much fun again! I can't say we'll be taking her a lot because neither of us are beach people, but we will go every once in a while to let her experience it until she is old enough to decide for herself! Here are some pics of the first day :)

Playing with the required beach toys!

You want me to go where?

Digging her toes into the sand

This is so much fun!