Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally going downhill!

So for the last 20 weeks we have been climbing this hill watching time go by (slowly for me) until the new baby arrives but now we are half way through and on the downhill slide. We're actually more than halfway since I will schedule a c-section probably 2 weeks early but this is the official halfway point of the pregnancy. I'm finally feeling better but this pregnancy is still completely different from before. Izabel really never stopped moving but this baby doesn't move much at all. The heart rates have been similar though so who knows! We'll find out what the baby is on Monday so I'll let everyone know as soon as I can!

Weekend Update

Mimi and Papa were in town until Monday so we got to spend lots of time with them throughout the weekend. We didn't do too much. On Saturday we hung out at home while Papa and Aunt Theresa got their tattoos. We hung out for a while and then Mimi, Papa, Noah, me and Izabel all went to Captain George's for dinner. It has a huge seafood buffet with all of our favorites. Izabel ate a little of everything and loved it! I have never seen her eat so much! Then we went back home to watch a movie where we all fell asleep again! On Sunday we had Aunt Ann over and we had a nice big breakfast which the men actually cooked for us! We had waffles, potatoes, eggs, and bacon. I think Izabel was still full from dinner the night before but the rest of us enjoyed it. Then Aunt Ann and Mimi went to do some more shopping and the rest of us stayed to get the Christmas tree up! We got the tree up and decorated and the outside lights up. All of the boxes are down from the attic but it will take me a few days to get through the rest of the stuff. I am going to get rid of a lot of our old stuff since we have started getting new nicer decorations. Then the day after Christmas I am going to go get the last couple of things that we need to really be prepared for next year! The rest of the day we watched football and ordered in for dinner. We had lots of desserts in the fridge to enjoy and we enjoyed our last night together. We said goodbye before we went to bed but it's not for long because Mimi and Papa will be back on the 20th for their next visit!!!

Daddy and Papa putting the tree together
(Yes I use a fake tree and I'm proud of it!)
Izzy putting the Angel on top!
The (almost) finished product!

Grandma Stokes' Funeral

On Monday November 24th my Dad's mom passed away. She was 94 years old and she lived a good long life. We knew it was coming but it was still a little hard to take. We had her funeral on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Noah couldn't get off work in time but Izabel and I went to the cemetery for the short service and then Noah met us back at my Mom's house for lots of food and some time with the family. It was really nice to see everyone but we're getting tired of family gatherings under these circumstances! Izabel started getting really cranky and tired so after people finished eating and started heading out we did too.
We went home and we all had a nice nap. Aunt Ann and Mimi were out shopping and Papa and Aunt Theresa were looking at tattoos so the house was nice and quiet. Then the whole gang headed out to the hockey game that night while Izabel and I stayed home to get some more rest!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Izabel's Second (First) Thanksgiving

Past and Present: What a difference a year makes!!!

About 7 weeks old

13 months old

This year for Thanksgiving we celebrated almost as if it was Izabel's first. Since she was so little last year this year she is really getting to experience these holidays. Noah's parents and their cousins came into town on Wednesday. Mimi and Papa stayed with us which gave Izabel lots of time with them! We got up on Thanksgiving and I started working on desserts. Noah dropped Izabel's crib to the final level so she can't attempt to climb out anymore. A big milestone for her! Then we headed over to Aunt Ann's for a wonderful dinner of all of the traditional things. Izabel got to taste everything. She wasn't a big fan of turkey but she liked pretty much everything else and ate pretty well.

Daddy dropping the crib as low as it can go!
Izabel "helping" with the cribIzabel's first Thanksgiving dinnerIzzy and Mommy (I never got the family shot I wanted!)Izzy playing cards with Mimi
After dinner we all got ready for a scavenger hunt. We split into teams and each team got a list of things they had to take pictures with and a list of items to find and bring back. We had 3 hours to get as much of it done as we could. Each item was worth a certain amount of points and the team with the most points won. It was a lot of fun and everyone got very competitive. Before we knew it time was up. Noah and his sister's team won which was probably for the best since he is such a sore loser!
Then we all went back to our house where my family joined us for dessert. We had quite an array of choices including cheese cake, lemon pie, apple pie, eclair cake, banana pudding and a whole lot more! By the time we were done eating Izabel was so worked up that it took forever to get her to sleep but we were all exhausted and we all slept well!

First Haircut

Last Wednesday Izabel got her first haircut! Her hair was getting pretty long and her bangs kept getting in her eyes so we decided to get my mom to come over and cut it before the holiday began. We waited a little to late because Noah wanted to be there so Izabel was pretty tired and was not enjoying the experience. We stopped about half way through and decided to try again a little later but at least it is out of her face now!

The Before Picture

Here we go!

I don't know about this!That's enough for now!