Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year we did not have as many halloween activities but we had a great time with the ones we did. Hurricane Sandy gave us rain all weekend and a day at home together on Monday. I am very sad and sorry for the people in the northern states that experienced so much damage, but I am thankful for the time at home with my kids. There was no homework, school work or house work to be done so we just played and did crafts and rested. It was fantastic.

Wednesday Izabel had her Pumpkin Patch Parade and party and Tanner had his on Thursday at school. They had a great time and I will upload the video if I can. We went trick-or-treating and this year the kids were Beauty and the Beast. It was super cute, but Tanner's costume was heavy and trick-or-treating goes way too late for us. We barely made it around our block before heading in for the night. The kids still got plenty of candy and they had a good time.

Beauty and the Beast
Our little monkey Baby Rowan came along for her first Trick-or-Treat
Some houses were scary but the kids were not giving up any candy this year!
Mommy and Daddy got to have some Halloween fun too!