Monday, June 9, 2008

8 Months Old

I can't believe another month has gone by already! Izabel was 8 months old yesterday. She changes so much day to day and it is really amazing to see how she changes month to month. She crawls all over the place now and pulls up on everything. She is starting level 3 foods and has mastered a few finger foods. She eats wagon wheels, bitter biscuits, banana cookies, pieces of bread and waffles. We'll start adding new finger foods more often now. She also eats YoBaby yogurt now which she loves! She's perfect at going down for naps and bedtime. She has been getting into a bit of trouble lately with the entertainment center in the living room. She loves to crawl over there and try to touch it even though she knows she's not allowed. She'll look at us and look at the dvd player and then back at us and she'll touch it even though we say no! It's going to fun going through the terrible twos!!! She's been really enjoying Gymboree, the nursery at church and the pool. Hopefully it will cool down a little outside so we can go to the park and the zoo. Now that I can be home with her full time (in two more days) we plan to do a lot of fun things. She weighs approximately 16 1/2 pounds now and it getting really long. She hates the blow dryer and crawls away crying everytime I dry my hair. It is so sad but cute at the same time! She is amazing and we couldn't be happier! Here is a picture of her yesterday. The professional 8 month pics will be up in about a week! They are going to 4th of July themed and I can't wait to see them!

8 months old playing with her busy desk!

Gymboree Days

For a few months now Izabel has been going to Gymboree Play & Music class. They are located all across the country and we have one right down the street from us in Virginia Beach. We went for a trial class when she was 4 months old. At that point she wasn't moving around a whole lot but she loved the music and the things that they had for her to play with. When she was 6 months old we signed her up for a level 2 class. At each level they work on certain skills that the age group should be developing. When she started in level two we were working on crawling. Now we are working on crusing, standing and walking. They also do a lot to help your child socialize with the other children and they have a question each week about feeding or teething or whatever so the moms get a chance to share stories and ideas. The socialization part was the most important thing for us. Izabel doesn't see other babies very often so this was the main reason we signed her up. Now that she can crawl around on all of the obstacle courses and play with all of the toys she absolutely loves it! We sing the songs at home and we even have some Gymboree toys at home that she loves to play with too. She goes once a week for an hour and as soon as I am out of school for the summer she will go twice a week. We also get free stuff and coupons for the clothing store all the time so Izabel will never be needing new clothes! Here are some pictures from Saturday (I'll be putting better ones up next week when Noah goes with us. It's hard to take pictures of her while I have to be watching her so closely!)

Using her crawling skills to get through the tunnel!

Her favorite thing about Gymboree...putting these balls in her mouth!

Got to love them!

It's parachute time!