Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Pics from Gymboree

I scheduled a make-up class for today since Noah would be home and would be able to go with us. Unfortunately this was just a level two class instead of the level 2/3 combo Izabel is used to so it was a little slow for her but she still had a good time showing Daddy what she could do. Since he was there I got to take lots of pics!

Gotta love the balls!

Flying with Daddy!

Slide time

Rockin around

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Gymbo kisses!

Bye Bye Gymbo!

Visiting Great Grandma Stokes

Sleeping like an angel!

Still a little drowsy!

Ready to go!

Yesterday I had to wake Izabel up from her nap early (obviously she didn't mind) so that we could go visit with her Great-Grandma Stokes, Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Judy. We were very excited because it had been a while since they had gotten to see Izabel and she has changed so much. As soon as we got there Izabel got right down and started crawling all around to explore the new place. Then she started pulling up on everything which they all thought was great. They loved watching her move all over the place and smile and laugh. We got her to do most of her tricks and got her giggling quite a bit. It was a lot of fun!

Using the stool to pull up!

Check out those teeth!

Visiting with Great-Grandma Stokes, the oldest and the youngest members of our family!

Showing Aunt Phyllis how she can stand up!

Check out those blue eyes!

Playing Patty Cake with Grandma

She had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Days at home with Izzy Bizy!

So now that I am off for about 6 weeks Izzy and I get to spend a lot of time together. Noah has made it very clear that we cannot spend all of our free time shopping so we're falling into a very nice routine and really enjoying being together. We sleep until Izzy decides she is ready to get up which is usually around 7:30am. We have breakfast, play for a while and get dressed and go for a walk around the neighborhood (it's about a mile). Then she goes down for morning nap and I get a shower and start getting things cleaned up, laundry going and all those kinds of things. When she gets up we go run whatever errands we have to run for the day or we go play in the pool. Then we have lunch and hang out until it's time for an afternoon nap. During her afternoon nap I try to work on one of my summer projects. Those would be cleaning up and organizing the office, finishing the wedding scrapbook (so I can start on Izzy's) and cleaning out all of the closets! Then when she gets up she has a snack and we play until it is time to start making dinner and waiting for Daddy. After Daddy gets home we eat dinner and play in the pool and then it's bathtime and bed by 8! It's nice to be able to hang out, keep the house clean, and make real dinners! I even made my own baby food (Mama Joan would be so proud of me using the food processer!) Izabel is getting to try lots of new foods since I am home to make them and we are going to try and take her on some fun outings! We also have Gymboree twice a week now that it's summer so there is actually a lot to do!

She gets so excited when we go outside, even if it is just a walk to the mailbox!

Fresh peaches, raspberries and bananas! It is chunky like the level 3 foods but much cheaper!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today Noah and Izabel celebrated their first Father's Day and my Dad celebrated his first Father's Day as a Grandpa. Noah went down to Lake Gaston in North Carolina for the weekend with the boys (part of his Father's Day present.) They went out on the boat and played on the jet skiis and he had a great time! He got back late this afternoon and then we all went over to my Dad's house to celebrate with my family. We cooked out and played in the pool. We'll celebrate with Noah's dad and stepdad when we go to Vermont in a few weeks. We had a great day! Here are a few pictures!
Having so much fun getting all the attention!

Playing in the pool with Grandpa!

Drying off!

She loves playing with Grandpa!
Even though it was Father's day she managed to get a new toy!

Showing Grandpa how it works

If you look real close you can see the two teeth she has now!

Getting so big!

She had so much fun she just couldn't stay awake any more!