Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7 Month Pics

After all the illness and being out of town I finally got around to taking Tanner's 7 month pics. They have a theme so I'm going to hold a few of them for a little longer but I couldn't resist posting a few for everyone to see! Our little boy is getting so big!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend in Disney!

Even though most of the area was under water on Friday, I took 5 students and flew to Orlando the DECA Southern Region Conference. We left super early Friday morning and got there around lunch time. We checked into a beautiful hotel. Each room was suite so we had a living room and a bedroom with two queen beds. We were all very comfortable! After putting our stuff down we went straight into the opening session and then onto workshops. We learned a lot of useful information to make our chapter and school store better. Then we went to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at Rainforest Cafe. After dinner we headed back so the kids could go to competitive event practice and I could write my paper for my class. The kids spent a little time at the pool and then it was curfew.

Saturday morning the kids had a few workshops to go to before we headed over to Universal Studios. We started with Universal and rode all the rides we could. It was great actually being able to ride this time! After we rode everything we wanted to we want out to CityWalk for lunch and then into Islands of Adventure for more rides. The park closed at 6 but they let us stay in for a session with the head of marketing. He told us all about how the new Simpsons ride came about and then they let everyone ride that and Men In Black again after we were done. We headed back to Downtown Disney for dinner at Portobello. We had yummy Italian food but everyone was tired so we went back to the hotel and to bed.

Sunday morning we went to the closing session. Kyle, Evan and Travis won metals for their competitive event. We had a great speaker and then we checked out and headed to Disney World. Sam's grandfather works security so he got all of us park hoppers for free! We rode buzz lightyear, space mountain, the haunted mansion, splash mountain and big thunder railroad and then we hopped on a bus and went over to MGM to ride the rockin rollercoaster and tower of terror. We only had a few short hours before we had to go to the airport so we got in all the big rides that we could! Our plane took off right on time and we were all home by 11:00pm. It was quite a busy weekend but it was a lot of fun!

***On a not so exciting note...I had been fighting a cold all last week and it finally caught up with me Friday. Saturday and Sunday I couldn't speak at all! I mean literally no voice. I stayed home Monday to go to the doctor and then again today. My voice has slowly started to return but both kids are sick and have ear infections. We're quite the group right now! I guess with my job these things are inevitable and it probably won't be the last time we get sick this winter :(