Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Izzy Bizzy!

Izzy Bizzy is now 6 years old! I know everyone says this and I say it every year but how do I have a 6 year old??? Izzy is certainly an energetic, smart, fun but also serious, independent, sassy, wonderful little girl. She can be very stubborn and at times that is extremely frustrating for her always sometimes patient parents....but I love that she knows who she is and what she is and is not willing to do and will stick to it. This is going to be tough on us for the next 12 years but a wonderful trait for her to have growing up and as an adult. I love that she cannot be persuaded by her friends to do things she doesn't want to do. 

She fights with her brother plenty but at school the only complaint her teacher has is that Izzy talks A LOT! We've been working on ideas to keep her engaged, but she comes by the talking naturally so I'm thinking this will continue to be a problem. She's breezing through her work right now and takes her homework very seriously. I've actually had to take homework away a couple times as punishment. She refuses to wait until later in the week to do her homework and has to do every bit of it the first night of the week...I don't know who she got this lack of procrastination from but it certainly wasn't me!! She's also becoming quite a strong reader. She knows all her sight words and has started to read to me and Tanner at night instead of me reading to them! I love listening to her and seeing her so proud of herself at the end!

Right now she is in love with horses and wants a horse so badly. We decided a riding lesson would be a good place to start and we've set that up for later this month. We'll see how that goes and then decide if we want to set up more for her. She is still going strong in gymnastics and working hard to perfect her cartwheel and splits. She practices all the time and can now do a front flip on the trampoline. She also loves her baby dolls and I think a trip to the American Girl Doll store is going to have to happen soon!!!

Her favorite food is most definitely spaghetti and mac and cheese - the girl loves her carbs! She can still wear a size 3T or 4T in most shirts and dresses but has to wear leggings and boots so you can't tell how short her pants are :) Her favorite color is still pink and she wants to be a teacher (I'm so proud) when she grows up. Puzzles and princesses are still a favorite in our house. She loves Sophia the First. She also likes to play her leapster explorer or apps on the iPad. She is an overall amazing little girl with such an amazing spirit. I love being her mommy and I'm so thankful to the little that made me a mommy. We couldn't love her more!!