Friday, December 30, 2011


Obviously I am way behind since it is the end of December as I am writing this post, but I figured a month at a time was enough to catch up. I visited California for the first time at the beginning of November with a trip to Anaheim. I went with a group from work for the National Career Academy Coalition Conference. We had a pretty good time and got to go see the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater along with Disneyland. More than likely I will be back there next year with students for a DECA conference so it was nice to scope it out and see what I could do with the kids. 
ODU Basketball was in full swing and we try not to miss any games!
While I was in California my beautiful niece Rowan Olivia was born. I was devastated not to be here on her birthday, but my sister did great and I've spent lots of quality time with Rowan since! She is perfect and I love her so much. I am so excited to be an Auntie!!!

Introducing Rowan Olivia Myers born November 3, 2011
Izzy loves her cousin!
Another grand baby for grandma to play with!
The month was pretty busy with school and work and of course it ended with Thanksgiving. We had dinner with Auntie Ann, Theresa, and Laurie and then had our annual scavenger hunt. Everyone ended up back at my house for dessert and I was the judge of the contest. It was very stressful and I think next year I will play instead of judge! 

An attempt at a family picture
Tanner fell asleep before dessert!
Just part of the desserts we shared :)
We spent the weekend with my family in Williamsburg and went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens to start out the holiday season! We even started our shopping at the outlets and got some great deals. 

Izzy and Granddaddy waiting to see Santa
Listening to music and warming up!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


These are a few of her favorite things :)
We started off the month by heading to Disney's Princesses on Ice. Noah and I just took Izabel for a special night to start her birthday celebration. We met up with her friends Evie and Lily for dinner and then went over to the show. Izabel was feeling pretty yucky but she enjoyed the show a lot and we all had a great night.
Izabel, Evie and Lily at the Hampton Coliseum
Izzy and Daddy!
Izabel turned 4 and Tanner turned 2 1/2 on October 8th. Unfortunately they both had strep throat the whole week before so we ended up canceling the big party we had planned and only had a little get together at the house instead. We filled Izabel's room full of balloons the night before and they ended up being great decorations for the party and the rest of the weekend. Of course Izabel woke up in the middle of the night and said she wanted them out of her room! 

So much fun!

Noah's Mom, Aunt, Cousin and Grandma were all in town and got to celebrate along with all of the local family and close friends. We had lemon cupcakes opened presents. 

Izabel's new Leapster Explorer from Mommy and Daddy
Tanner got a little something too!
Strawberry Shortcake!!!
Busy coloring before bedtime
Mimi got Izzy and Tanner their very own bounce house so most of the party was spent outside jumping!
Jumping and Sliding

They had a blast and then we went to Izabel's favorite restaurant, Friendly's, for dinner. She got lots of great stuff and I'm pretty sure she had an amazing weekend surrounded by the people who love her the most! Thank you to everyone who came. 

P.S. Thank you notes will be coming soon now that I'm done with mid terms :)

Finally a good picture of both of them together and it was taken at school!
In other news - Tanner had his speech evaluation this month. We've been waiting forever for CHKD to get to him so we finally went with the city's early intervention program and they have been fantastic. They brought a team of people to the house and tested Tanner in every area. They tested him at a 3 year old level and he passed every test with flying colors. He is doing a great job in everything except speech. He makes sounds, but not words. He definitely expresses himself and makes what he wants known, he just can't quite form the words that we do. A speech therapist will be coming to the house once a week now to work with him and hopefully I'll finally get to hear his sweet little voice soon!

Tanner at 2 and a half
At the end of the month both kids had their check ups with our new found favorite Dr. Carson! If you need a pediatrician in the Hampton Roads area she is absolutely fantastic and we couldn't love her anymore!!! Both kids are doing pretty well. Izabel is 34lbs (42nd percentile) and 39 inches (37th percentile) and Tanner is 35lbs (90th percentile) and 37 inches (75th percentile). We talked about Tanner's asthma and the fact that he is back to coughing all the time and using the inhaler. For right now he is on a one-a-day allergy medicine but I am thinking he will be going to the one-a-day asthma and allergy soon. Since it looks like he probably has asthma he couldn't have the flu mist so he ended up getting the one shot. Izabel is doing great other than her sleeping habits. We have great routines in place and bedtime always happens at the same time every night, but she will lay in her bed awake for so long that she ends up getting less than half of the recommended amount of sleep for age! It's obviously a problem for all of us so we brought it up and the Dr. recommended melatonin. It's a natural supplement to help her sleep and so far it's been working okay. She has started falling asleep a little earlier. Hopefully we will start seeing a change in her soon as she starts to catch up on some rest! For most kids this is the visit before starting kindergarten next fall so she ended up getting four shots. My drama queen was very unhappy and limped around the rest of the day!

Finally, the month ended with Halloween! I like to coordinate costumes which was hard this year because Izabel wanted to be a princess. Disney really needs to work on their selection of boy costumes! I finally figured it out and they were The Princess and the Frog for trick-or-treating. They had a blast and definitely did not want to come home even though they filled up their buckets numerous times :)

Izabel just wanted to get going - not take pictures :)
Our friends Evie and Lily came too

Friday, October 28, 2011

Roller Skating

Izabel and Tanner went roller skating for the first time at Drew's birthday party a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure how it would go or if they would even skate, but they did and they loved it. The people at the skating rink tightened the wheels so they didn't roll very much. I got out there with them and we had a great time. Even during presents and cake Izabel kept asking to go back out and skate. I'm glad we have found something else that we can do as a family that we all enjoy!

Sorry for the terrible pictures...I only had my phone!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Picture Update

A few recent pictures for you to enjoy!

Little Brother Big Sister love
Their new past time is reading to each other...I love it!
Not the best picture but the only one we got at Ryan and Melissa's wedding

Amy's Baby Shower

A couple weeks ago (sorry for the delay) we had a baby shower for my sister Amy. Her little girl Rowan will be here early in November and we are so excited for her. They are going with a monkey themed nursery so I used that as the theme for the shower as well. We had a great time and she got lots of great stuff and really cute clothes. Rowan is a lucky girl!

Strawberry Banana Monkey Cupcakes made by Sweet Temptations!

Izabel is ready for a baby cousin!