Saturday, May 29, 2010


I finally have gotten around to update the blog and post some new pictures. The delay was due to the new camera and my card reader at school not reading the new memory card. There are a few posts so make sure you scroll down and enjoy!

2nd Birthday Parties
First Steps
Weekend Update
New Camera

2nd Birthday Parties

Today we celebrated two 2 year olds! This morning we went to the park to celebrate Lily's second birthday. Lily is Jess and Dan's daughter and we always have a great time hanging out with them. We were a little late because I got the time mixed up but we had nice time with them. The kids played and flew a kite out in the field. Then we stayed and had a picnic lunch while they went home for naps. Since we weren't there for very long I never managed to get any pictures :( but we had a great time! Happy Birthday Lily!

After our naps we went to Braydon's birthday party. Braydon is my friend Ashleigh's son and we always have a good time hanging out with her and her husband Brandon. They had his party in a club house and it was a barnyard theme. There was a ball pit and a bounce house and all sorts of fun animal themed decorations. Ashleigh really did a great job! The kids had a blast and wore themselves out! Happy Birthday Braydon!

Tanner spent most of his time in the ball pit and had a blast!
Izzy and Braydon

Braydon blew out the candle by himself
Yum Yum!
Blair "riding" the sheep...
and Izzy "riding" the pony
Time for presents!

First Steps

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend! For me it started on Thursday. I went to my sorority alumni meeting Thursday evening. We had officer installation and then went to Press 626 for dinner. It used to be called The Wine House and it was SO good. I definitely recommend it. Friday after I got home from work we played outside and ate dinner outside. Noah decided to take the ax to the tree stump and then burn the wood so we had a big bon-fire in our back yard. He did sit nearby with the hose!

Saturday morning I got up at 7 and got showered before the kids woke up. That is my plan for the summer so that I can be more productive. The kids played while I did some work around the house. We had eggs and waffles for breakfast and then headed to the park. Rebecca met us there with RJ and Rylee who we haven't seen in forever! It was nice to catch up. We also met Jess with Evie and Lilly. The kids had a great time playing.

Tanner loves to swing
Rebecca, Rylee, and RJ
Izzy and Evie are becoming great friends!
Tanner and Lily

Then we went home for lunch and naps. Amy and Ray came over to hang out and then Noah came home. I made dinner and then headed out for girls night with Michelle, Angie and Ashleigh. We had so much fun at the Cheesecake Factory and stayed out much later than is normal for us anymore! We laughed and cried and drank and it was just what we all needed!

Sunday morning I got to sleep in until 11am! It was amazing but I felt kind of sluggish the rest of the day. We planned to go to the zoo but the rain changed our plans so we went to Kangaroo Jac's instead. Izabel has always loved jumping and now Tanner is starting to love it too. Aunt Theresa came with us and we all had fun. Then Amy and Ray came over to babysit while Noah and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw Robin Hood which wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but we had a good time anyway!

We're definitely all ready for summer! We've started spending as much time outside as we can and the kids have started eating at the picnic table or table in the kitchen. They love not being in their high chairs or booster seats! Only 17 school days left until I'm home full-time with my babies!!!

New Camera

My camera was two years old and it just decided it did not want to work anymore. We went to Best Buy and I got a new one! It's still a point and shoot which is pretty much all I need. I want to be able to throw it in my bag and not worry about it. I got the new Sony Cyber Shot. It's working pretty well so far and I'm excited about some of the things it can do. Here are some of the pictures I took with it playing around!

I don't think he likes it when I give him the pink sippy!

The camera has a really cool panorama feature - this is part of our backyard