Monday, March 14, 2011

A Family Weekend

With our crazy busy schedule it is rare for all of us to get together all weekend. Noah has been working on Saturdays all year and I have been traveling a lot so it is easy to see why I would be so excited for a weekend at home. We started on Friday night with dinner at Silver Diner before running some errands. I had no idea they had made such huge changes to their menu. They have a lot of organic ingredients in their food and most of their food is fresh from local farms. It was amazing and we will be going back there real soon!
Check it out here

Saturday we worked on getting the house back together and organized. Things get crazy when we are gone for a while so we had a lot of work to do. Then we took the kids to get some spring clothes and new shoes. Izabel got light-up Princess shoes which she was so excited about! After naps and playing for a while Ms. Courtney came over to play with the kids so me and Noah could go to a show at the Funny Bone with Candace and Matt. Candace got tickets for the hypnotist show and we all had a great time. The kids even had fun playing with Ms. Courtney who they haven't seen in a while!
Daddy and Tanner got a nice nap in Saturday afternoon!
Sunday I got to sleep in a little bit and when I came out of my room Noah was on the floor in Izabel's rooming playing Chutes and Ladders with both kids. It was so cute and such a great way to start the day. We took the kids to the zoo and had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded. The kids would stop at each exhibit, look until they found the animal and move on. They couldn't wait to see what was next. I actually had to stop them quite a few times so me and Noah could look at some things! We rode the train which was a big hit and had lunch and then headed home for naps. While the kids were sleeping me and Noah cleaned out the garage. Who knew we had a pool table under all that junk?!?! We have a big pile of stuff for goodwill and we are excited to have our space back to normal! I got some homework time in and then Aunt Theresa and Peter came over for dinner and we had a great visit with them. All over it was a great weekend and we are looking forward to many more like this now that spring is starting to set in!
Cool dude checking out the animals
Me and Izzy on the train
Daddy with the kiddos on the train ride
Checking out the elephants
P.S. Noah signed the membership form for the YMCA so pretty soon we will be going to the Y several times a week! So excited!!! Click here if you are interested in joining...I need workout buddies!