Friday, December 12, 2008

Tanner's Nursery

After much thought and debate we finally decided on the theme we would go with for Tanner's nursery....Sea Life! This is the theme I had planned on doing way back when I was pregnant with Izabel (if she had been a boy) and I planned on doing it this time anyway, but then I found the Turtle Bay pattern which I loved and started debating. Then I found out that several of my friends have or are using that pattern so I started doubting that choice. Then my friend at work offered a whole nursery set with all of the accessories for $100 (a savings of almost $300 if we had purchased everything ourselves). This set is the Frog Prince theme and I liked it, but I didn't love it. In order to make a decision we went to Babies R Us last night to look at our choices up close and compare prices. It turned out that the Sea Life pattern was being discontinued and what they had left on was on clearance! They were also having a sale on the clearance and everything was buy one get one half off! Needless to say our decision was made! The room is already painted blue but we are thinking about painting the bottom half a brighter blue and putting the border around the middle (thanks Kim for showing me how cute this can look!) The only thing the store didn't have was the border so after about a dozen phone calls I found 2 rolls at the Babies R Us in Richmond. I have them on hold and I am going to try and get someone up there to pick them up for me until I can go get them.

Here is a picture of the set from Kids Linen Co.

While we were there we bought a shower gift (I wonder who it could be for!) and did a little registering! We are not planning on having a shower and we don't expect anyone to get us anything for this baby, but there are people who want to anyway so we wanted to let them know what things we actually need. I know it doesn't seem like we should need anything after just having a baby 14 months ago but there are some things that are still needed! Plus anything that is still on the registry when Tanner arrives we can buy at a discount so for that reason only it was worth the time!
We also ordered the furniture (it was on sale too) and that will be here in about a week. It's very exciting and becoming oh so real all at the same time! I am a little past 21 weeks which means there are only about 17 weeks left until Tanner arrives!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Boy Oh Boy!

That's right, it's a boy! We're so excited and we can't wait to meet Tanner Wayne Ketchledge. We loved the name Tanner and then Wayne is after my Dad. Tanner is healthy and weighs about 1 lb. right now. He is due April 22nd but will probably be born sometime between the 10-14 since we have to schedule delivery again. Now it is time to go register, start shopping and start decorating the nursery!!!
"Do you want to know the sex?"
I think we already figured it out!
His little face
It's defintely a boy!

14 Months!

Today Izabel is 14 months old and growing up faster and faster. She is so funny now. She has so many different expressions and even when she is mad she is constantly making me laugh. She is still in the rear-facing car seat because she isn't quite big enough to turn around even though she is old enough. She needs to gain a little bit more but hopefully by the first of the year! I think she'll really like being able to see us and out the window when we are in the car. She still eats with her fingers for the most part but she uses a fork at times and she is so proud of herself when she gets the food into her mouth with it. She's almost on all sippy cups. We're still holding on to the last bottle but slowly weaning her off of it now. She loves fruit and if you give it her with her other food she will eat it all first. She'll eat vegetables but only if you give them to her first with nothing else on her plate. She loves to play and she especially loves when Daddy gets down on the floor and gets her laughing. Her favorite toys right now are her baby doll and her cookie jar. She also loves to play with things she shouldn't like our cell phones or the remote (forget the toy ones, she knows they aren't real!) She has eight teeth in front and two of her molars are coming in the back. Those have been difficult and I know she has been in pain but she's handling it pretty well. Her language skills have really developed. She says mama, dada, nana, no, and please (please sounds like sssss). She also signs all done, eat, up, bye bye, and she almost has thank you down. I love that she uses them at the appropriate times! She knows when she needs her diaper changed and she'll make a stinky face if we ask her if she's stinky. She's so much fun and we're really enjoying experiencing all of the holiday fun with her! I can't wait to see what she is able to do by this time next month!!!

Holding a picture of herself...she loves pictures of Baby Izzy!

Random Pics

So today is the big day and I'm trying to kill time at school waiting to get to the doctor this afternoon so I thought I'd upload a few random pics that haven't made it onto the blog so far. Enjoy!

Playing football with the boys!
Making a mess with Spagetti
Passed out!
Taking her doll for a ride in the wagon

Santa was not a hit!

Sunday after church me, Noah, my mom, dad and Grandma all took Izabel to Lynnhaven Mall to see Santa. We seem to always go to Lynnhaven and I guess it is fitting since that is where Noah proposed and where Izabel saw Santa for the first time. This time was going to be a little more difficult. Part of it was my fault as the timing wasn't that great. Izabel napped on the way to the mall but didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. The rest was just that sitting her on a strange man's lap is a little scary and she wasn't quite ready for it! We talked about it the whole time we were waiting but then when I put her on his lap she started screaming right away. I finally sat down on Santa's lap with her and we managed to get a couple pictures but since Noah wouldn't sit down with us it didn't really do any good. We might try again on a week night before Christmas but we'll see.

I don't think so!
It's better with MommyAnd everything is better when she can run around!After Santa my mom took Izabel on the carousel. They have an indoor double decker carousel that is really beautiful. She did well at first and then she wanted to get off before it was over so my mom kept talking to singing to her and she ended up kind of enjoying the ride. Then we all went home and took a nap!

It's fine when we're sitting still
And we're done!
Okay, maybe it's not so bad!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's A _____???

No we don't know the sex of the new baby yet. We'll know in a little less than 24 hours. So I thought I'd take this time to see what all of you thought! Comment with your guess within the next 24 hours and then check back to see if you were right or not! Is it a girl or a boy??? You tell me!