Friday, October 8, 2010


My babies are not really babies anymore! I know in the long run they are still really little, but looking back over the last 3 years it's hard to even remember them being infants.

Izabel is THREE!!! I can't believe it. She seems so grown up now and so much more like a little girl than a baby/toddler. She's so tiny and still wears 18 month clothing. That is getting harder now since she needs pants and 18 month pants are too short so she is wearing a lot of leggings and boots!

Izzy started school this past month and has been loving it! She's spent plenty of time in time-out but she seems to be getting the picture that you have to share and be nice! Hopefully some of those lessons will rub off at home too :) Other than the sharing she has been doing amazing with her lessons. She is the head of the class when it comes to knowing all her shapes, colors, letters and numbers. She always has advanced work on the back of her worksheets because she finishes them before everyone else. I love that they keep teaching her new things instead of waiting for everyone else to catch up. Right now she is working on writing her name and she is so close! I'm sure we'll start seeing it soon. I started hanging up some of our favorite pictures in the kitchen and she loves coming in and showing us her art hanging on the wall. She is so proud and it's so cute to see!

Yesterday Izabel started gymnastics. I bought her a leotard and she liked it but when I tried to put it on her before class she started screaming that she didn't want to go. I thought it was going to be a really rough hour at the gym, but once we got there her attitude changed completely. She walked right in with all of the other kids and did everything the coach asked of her with ease. She was all smiles the whole time and it was so funny watching her because she is about half the size of all the other kids in her class! She will now go every Monday evening for the next three months and we'll see how much she likes it after that and decide if she wants to continue.

She has gotten so chatty and asks why about everything she can possibly think of! She also sings all the time whether it is something she learned in school or something she made up. She loves to play with her babies and color and she loves Tinkerbell (hence the Tinkerbell birthday party and costume for Halloween)! She also loves football and is a big ODU and Kecoughtan fan! We take her to most of the games and she cheers the whole time! She's doing real puzzles now and she loves to read stories. Her favorite books right now are Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat and the Hat. Her speech has really improved, but we are having that assessed next week just to be sure everything is good. For now she is doing amazingly and I couldn't be prouder to be her mom!

Izabel - You are getting so big so fast and we love how grown up you have become, but miss our little baby girl! You are so amazing and smart and we know you will grow up to be a wonderful and beautiful person! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL - MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!


Tanner is 18 months old today! The beauty of having a scheduled c-section is that you get to pick the day so we had them on the same day 18 months apart. Tanner is of course a toddler now and he gets into everything. He also has a crazy temper that we're really going to have to work on. He's started to get really fed up with Izabel taking all of his toys so we break up a lot of fights. He loves that Izabel goes to school every morning and he gets all of the attention to himself half a day! I think it is going to be really good for him and I am happy that he is getting this time.

He is such a snuggler and I can't get enough of him! I literally just want to squeeze him when I walk in the door, he is so cute! He's started dancing and running which are both hilarious. His eating has really slowed down and he is still in between 12 and 18 month clothes, but I've been moving him to 18 months as the weather changes. He loves to go anywhere and still enjoys riding in the wagon for family walks. He watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs the other night and laughed out loud through most of it. We enjoyed watching him more than the movie!
He'll pretty much play with anything, but of course Izabel's toys are more appealing. He has also started doing the peg puzzles and is getting pretty good at them. He loves to be outside and play and pretty much go anywhere. He also loves reading books whenever he can read one without Izabel interrupting him!

Words can not express how cute and loveable this little boy is! We'll love you forever Tanner!!