Friday, March 5, 2010

What's Up???

It's been a little while since my last post so I thought I would give a few updates and post some random pictures. I have been crazy busy at work the last few weeks getting the kids ready for competition. I've also been busy with my grad school work and helping Noah with his school work. On top of all this we were anticipating a lot of layoffs at my job so everyone at school was holding their breath. The letters came out on Tuesday. I got a letter but mine said that I would move from being an 11 month employee to 10 months. The bright side - I still have a job and I have a longer summer! The down side - I lost more than a months pay for a total paycut of 9.09% which may still go down some more :( Maybe it was all this stress but I have been suffering from terrible migraines. It got really bad on Monday and I didn't sleep at all from Monday-Thursday. Noah took me to the ER on Thursday and they gave me some IV meds and fluids and sent me home with a better prescription. I am finally feeling better!

Noah got a semi-promotion at work. He is now opening the warehouse in the mornings. He goes in at his regular time (4 am) and works until 2 or 3 on a normal day. I'm not entirely sure what he does all day but I know he likes it better than being on the truck and it comes with a small pay raise and a monthly bonus. It doesn't come close to making up the difference in my pay but it is something! What is going to help is getting approved for the post 9/11 GI bill from the VA. Noah will get complete tuition for three years, a stipend for textbooks, and monthly housing allowance. This will be especially helpful now and we are very thankful for it and also for Noah going back to school to better himself and our family!

The kids are doing great. For all intensive purposes Izabel is potty trained. She wears underwear all day whether we are at home or not. She still wears a diaper for nap and bed but we'll get there eventually. She's so funny because as soon as she uses the potty she jumps up and says "I get ticker and umy bear yay!" I love it! She's very sweet and loving but of course she is two and we are reminded of that frequently. Tanner's been a little cranky lately but I figure it's just teeth. He had his first real experience jumping the other day and he loved it! I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of days at the jump place this summer!

Noah is camping for the weekend so me and the kids are hanging out at home. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

He's almost big enough to jump on the horse by himself
Izabel and Drew
Noah was throwing her and she LOVED it
Daddy's Boy