Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Crazy Busy Life

I know I keep saying I am going to blog more, but life gets in the way. When I say life, I mean this crazy busy running around thing that we do everyday! My life is insane and finding time to sit down and blog (with pictures) is a difficult task.

On February 2nd me and Noah took 15 of my students to Orlando for the Sports and Entertainment Conference. This trip is actually a lot of fun. We stay at a Disney resort, spend two days at Universal and one day at Disney. We have some pretty great speakers, we learn a lot, and we have a lot of fun. We were both excited to go this year, but it's a hard place to go without the kids because everywhere I look I am reminded of how much I miss them! My students thought it would be funny to tell every waiter that it was my birthday. I hate when they sing happy birthday to you in restaurants. I don't even like to be at the same table as someone on their birthday so this completely sucked for me. To make matters worse they did it a Margaritaville. There was a live singer and he called me up on stage and made me do some stupid Jimmy Buffet song with him. I hated it, but I was a good sport and my kids LOVED it! I checked all their cameras and phones for blackmail pictures before we left :) However, this year's trip was not without its difficulties. I managed to get the flu from one of my students (her mom taught her how to share). It started on Thursday and into Friday. By Saturday I literally could not move. I had a ridiculous fever and slept all day. Luckily my students were really good and Noah took them to Magic Kingdom with another school so I was able to sleep off the fever. I still feel like crap a week later but I'm alive so I'll be fine. I also managed to leave my phone in a locker at Universal. We went back but of course someone took it and decided they would not turn it in. Note to self - finders keepers is not a very nice motto! I just got a new phone two days ago and being without email, facebook and text messaging was brutal. We are WAY too addicted to our phones these days!

Tonight I have to go to Downtown Norfolk for a series director meeting for DECA. It's overnight and doesn't end until after dinner tomorrow. We spend the weekend preparing for our state DECA conference. Now before you feel too bad for me having to work all weekend I should tell you that I applied for this position. I really love being more involved in DECA stuff so I asked and I received. I'd be really excited for this if I didn't feel like crap right now...but I'll survive and hopefully I'll at least get a good night's sleep at the hotel (aka - no kids waking me up in the middle of the night with their colds).

All of the sickness and crappy feelings must disappear by Wednesday though because we are going to Hawaii!!!! We leave Wednesday night and we are getting super excited. We are there until the 22nd and then we come home for a weekend. I am throwing a baby shower that weekend and then the next week I am back in Norfolk for 5 days of state competition fun! Like I said, welcome to our crazy busy life!!!