Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014 and Nana's Birthday!

Birthday season concludes on Nana's (Grandma, Mom, Genevieve...she has a lot of names now that she is a great-grandma) birthday April 20th which also happened to be Easter this year. We celebrated with a beautiful church service and then a nice brunch out. We spent some time playing with our new Easter goodies and watching Frozen (I know we waited a long time to give it to them). In the afternoon we all went to the nursing home for Nana's birthday party. We made her a cake and brought balloons and she seemed to be pretty aware of everyone that was there. It's tough to think that just one year ago she was living at home and eating at The Cheesecake Factory on her birthday, but we were there to make this birthday special no matter where we had to do never know how many more you might get! The kids were all great with her and all of the people living in the nursing home loved having Tanner walk by and say Happy Easter with his big beautiful smile :) It was a great day filled with family, faith, and love!