Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Tuesday we met Rebecca, RJ and Rylee at the zoo. They have a membership so we got in free which is always great! My mom and Rebecca's mom came along to help. Having the extra hands is always good! Izabel and RJ had a great time looking at all the animals. Izabel told us what they said as we pointed them all out and she would look at the picture and then point to the animal at each exhibit. Then we would walk to the next thing and Izabel and RJ would hold hands while we walked. It was too cute!!! She'll be endlessly teased by us when she is older about her "first boyfriend" but right now it is adorable. We had snack/lunch and fed the goats in the petting zoo and then headed home for nap time. Of course Izabel fell asleep before we hit the interstate but she ended up laying down for a little while at home too. I'm trying so hard to hold on the afternoon nap! She still needs some sleep during the day but I really need it too so hopefully she'll keep napping. It seems like it gets shorter and shorter and that's if I can get her to nap at all. Tanner on the other hand naps great it's just sleeping at night in his crib he has a problem with! He enjoyed the zoo today by snoozing in the stroller almost the whole time. He was awake long enough to eat and I think that was it! We all had a great time. We love our play dates and it's so nice for both of my kids to have other kids to play with!

She wasn't afraid to stick her hand in there!
Sleeping lions still say "ahhhhhh"
The fence was very interesting!
They were so cute!
Checking out the elephants with Grandma
This was Tanner almost the whole time
Looking at all the animals!
Mommy and Izzy (she refused to look at the camera!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update and Mothers Day

This weekend was pretty quiet and normal even though it was a big holiday! Saturday we hung around the house and played. We got Tanner's activity center out and set it up and of course Izabel thought it was for her but Tanner loved it too! Then Izabel spent some time with my mom so Noah and I could have a little bit of a break and she could have a little extra attention. Saturday night Noah and I went out to dinner for our friend Melissa's birthday. We had a great time and it was great to get out without any kids and to actually have a drink!

My sweet sleeping boy!
Izabel working on her laptop!
Izzy and Tanner having tummy time!
Tanner "playing"
My boys on a Saturday afternoon!

The birthday girl with her horse cupcake!

We didn't do much for Mother's Day because Noah had to work. We had planned on going to my mom's house for dinner but my grandma is sick so we didn't want to expose the kids. My sister and her husband came over and hung out for a while and then my mom came over too. We played outside with Izabel and her new bubble machine which she loves! (thanks Malina!) My mom got Izabel some sun glasses which were so cute until she broke them! It didn't take long :) Then Noah made dinner and we tried to relax a little before bedtime. We're still up a lot at night but Noah took the first feeding so I could sleep! It wasn't the best night we've had but it was pretty good. Izabel and Tanner gave me my favorite chocolates, a book, some relaxing bath stuff and a couple other items. I loved it all! It's funny to think that this is only my second mother's day and I have two kids!!! The only thing I could wish for next year is to have Noah home and to sleep in!

Izzy trying to pop the bubbles
So cool with the sunglasses!
Izzy and Tanner with Grandma

We have a fairly busy week and weekend planned so I'll have a lot to blog about as we go. I hope all the mom's out there had a great Mother's Day and everyone had a great weekend!