Thursday, January 19, 2012


I can't believe December has come and gone and we are already halfway through January! I know I'm late again but I wanted to try to catch up and get January done on time :)

As usual the month was really busy with school and work. The semester ended for me and Noah so we had papers to write and finals to take. We got our Christmas decorations up and started a new tradition with Charlie the Elf coming to visit our house. We had a great time hiding him all over the house and the kids loved waking up each morning to find him! I'm sure he'll be returning to our house for many years to come!
Our Elf on the Shelf - Izzy named him Charlie
Towards the middle of the month Noah and I went up to D.C. for the Redskins/Patriots game! We went with his sister Theresa and her boyfriend Peter and we had an amazing time. It was my first pro-game and I loved it even though it was freezing. We went up the night before and stayed with Humaira which was great. Then we got up and tailgated at the stadium. We ended up near some great people and had a blast. Our seats were in the end zone but only 6 rows up! The Patriots won, but it was a close game and we were nervous. To me, close games are way better anyway! This is definitely on our list to do every year!

I wrapped up work for the month early and started my holiday break with surgery on the 14th. The details are not important here, but I basically spent the last half of the month in the recliner with Noah and my parents doing pretty much everything. I am doing much better now and pretty much back to normal. I am super thankful for my family and my husband who took such great care of me! 

We celebrated Christmas here with my parents and siblings. My parents spent the night so they could be here when the kids woke up. We went to Christmas Eve service and it was beautiful.

Not great but the best I could get in their Christmas outfits
The kids got to open their new Christmas jammies after they put reindeer food on the lawn and cookies and milk out for Santa. Santa had made an early delivery with Izabel's new bed! She looks like such a big girl sleeping in it and I know she loves. Both kids are super spoiled and got way too much. Noah and I both got watches and we all had a nice day hanging out together!
The view Christmas morning

Izzy's new bed!
She loves sleeping in it!
Daddy made a special Christmas breakfast
Again not the best pic but the best I could get in their Christmas shirts

The month ends with me hanging out with the kids and trying to get the house organized and clean. We are making our resolutions and working hard to have more family time before life gets crazy again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Izzy hanging out with Baby Rowan
Baby Jackson born Christmas morning! Congrats JK and Jackie!!
***When I find the battery charger for my camera I will have to do a photo post - for now you will have to live with the pictures from my phone :)