Friday, March 27, 2009

Grandma's Birthday!

Wednesday was my mom's birthday so we had everyone over for cake and ice cream. Since it was a Wednesday my mom didn't have to babysit so she came over that evening. My Dad, brother Matt, sister Amy and her husband Ray as well as my Aunt Judy and Phyllis were all there to celebrate. We had cake and opened presents and then hung out to chat. Izabel put on quite a show for everyone! She was running around showing everyone all of her tricks and dancing in the middle of the room. Everyone thought it was really funny. Finally we had to kick everyone out because it was past Izabel's bedtime which means it was past mine as well!

The card Izabel made for Grandma

Saying Happy Birthday!

Eating cake in her new booster seat...she got this seat in the mail earlier in the day from our friend Ryan. She was so excited to get it and she wouldn't leave Noah alone until he got it out and put it together and then she sat in it in the living room until it was time for dinner! Ryan also sent Tanner some onesies and we were excited to get both things. Thanks Ryan!

Reading birthday cards and waiting for Grandma to need help opening the presents with tissue paper!

Making her sad face for Granddaddy

Her new sad face!

Thursday we had Easter and maternity pictures taken so look for those to be posted soon but don't be too excited because we only got a couple good ones! I was really hoping for a good one of Izabel because I am in love with her Easter dress but I guess we'll have to try and get some of our own when she wears it to church on Easter!

Now it is finally Friday and it's my birthday weekend! Hopefully I'll manage to get some rest since that is the only thing I really want but I did get the first year frame from Pottery Barn to put all of Izabel's monthly pictures in!

Only 12 more days until Tanner is born and 5 more days of work!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Double Stroller Debate!

When we found out we were pregnant again and that our kids would be 18 months apart I automatically assumed we would get a double stroller. We would comment on them when we were out and we looked at them at Babies R Us. I even called Graco (who made the infant carrier we have) to see what double strollers they have that will accommodate our infant carrier. We picked one out at BRU that was easy to fold up and not to heavy.

It looks something like this one. Having the SUV makes it pretty easy to get the strollers in and out because I just have to lift the front two wheels and then push it in the back.

Well as we have gotten closer people have started to question whether we really want the double stroller and if we will really use it. They say it is heavy and bulky and I probably won't leave the house too often with both kids by myself. This has brought me to question my decision as well. Do we really need the double stroller?

I have every intention of leaving the house plenty with both kids by myself. By no means will I be stuck in the house all maternity leave and all summer with both of them. I realize this will not be easy and a lot of times I'll be able to bring my mom or someone along, but a lot of times I'll be by myself. My friend Rebecca and I have big plans to take all of our kids (there will be four between us when I have Tanner) out this summer. We like to do things together in the mornings, whether it is a simple trip to the play place at the mall or to the zoo. We've already been talking about all of the places we want to go to this summer and they all require plenty of walking which in turn requires strollers.

But do I necessarily have to have a double stroller to do these things? Rebecca uses an ErgoBaby Carrier. I hate the carrier we have. We didn't get the good one we registered for so we bought a cheaper version and it sucks. I used it one time and I was miserable so Noah ended up carrying Izabel around and we never pulled it out again, but Rebecca swears by hers so one day I tried it out and I remember it being very comfortable. She would even nurse while carrying RJ in it.

Here is a not so great picture of one. It can be used as a front or a back carrier and more information can be found at

Maybe with this carrier (which is expensive but still about $150 less than the double stroller) I could carry Tanner and push Izabel. Then I could just register for a less expensive umbrella stroller for when Noah and I are together with both of them or we could take turns carrying Tanner. This sounded like a good option to me until I considered that the whole reason we got the travel system for Izabel was so the carrier could go from car seat to stroller without having to take her out. This was so convenient so many times. Do I want to give that up with Tanner?

Now I am really confused! Are there any other options anyone can think of? Does anyone have a double stroller that they love? Any advice out there for me???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Building a Toddler

Today we had our 35/36 week visit and our ultrasound to see just how big this little boy is. The ultrasound tech checked him all out and said he looked great. After she was done she said "well, he's a big one." We said how big and she said he's measuring 8.1! That's 8 lbs right now not when he is delivered! So we're looking at a 9 lb baby and even if I didn't already have a c-section scheduled they probably wouldn't let me go more than 2 more weeks. After the ultrasound we saw the doctor. She said I was building a toddler! Everything looks good and I haven't made any progress yet so the c-section is still on for April 8th. We have one more appointment next week just to check everything one last time before delivery and then it is time for Tanner to come! Now I just have to carry this big boy around for two more weeks! At least there are only 8 days left of work!!!

Afternoon Date

I had a pretty rough day at work yesterday. I've been having a problem with a parent for quite some time now and just when I thought it was over my principal said she was back again. It was really enough to push me over the edge plus I still had to drive out to the doctors to pick up my paperwork for maternity leave and get that back to my HR dept. Well I was talking to Noah when he was about to be done with work and he offered to go get the paperwork for me and then suggested we try to go see a movie when I got home. It turned out that he couldn't go pick up the paperwork, but just the fact that he offered made me feel really good. I got home and we picked a movie and headed out. We stopped and had mexican for dinner which is always fine with me and then we went over to Lynnhaven to see Taken. It's been out for a while and the movie was at 5:00pm on a Monday so we were the only ones in the theater. It's pretty fun to be able to watch a movie on the big screen but still pretend like you are at home. I could move around as much as I wanted to (it's hard to sit still through a whole movie when you are 36 weeks pregnant) and we could make comments and everything! Then we got home with enough time to play with Izabel for a little while before she went to bed. It was a really great afternoon! Now it's back to work to deal with this mess but there are only 9 work days left!

P.S. The movie was great so you should go see it or rent it when it comes out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Info

This weekend Noah was out of Izabel and I enjoyed some down time and some shopping! Saturday we got up (a little to early after our late night!) and hung around the house most of the day until Auntie Ann was ready to do some shopping with us. She was doing her taxes and it took a little longer than expected but that was fine. She came over after Izabel's nap and we went to Kohl's, AC Moore and Babies R US. We were trying to find some spring clothes for Izabel and some last minute things for Tanner. We didn't have too much luck with the things we needed for Tanner but Izzy got some cute clothes and shoes! My favorites were some rain boots that Auntie bought her! Then we got dinner at Boston Market. Poor Izabel was so hungry but she perked right up when we gave her the mac and cheese. She ate it all and kept signing more and saying please. Can I also add that Boston Market has cupcakes on their dessert menu and the chocolate ones are a definite must have! I was having some contractions Saturday night but after putting my feet up and getting some rest I felt better.
Sunday we got up and went to meet some people to buy the Baby Einstein collection. Izabel has three of them already and she watches them when I need a shower or when we are in the car for a long time and she loves them. I found the 26 disc collection on Craig's list on Saturday and after some negotiation we picked them up Sunday morning! Now we will get some variety and they were brand new so hopefully they last for quite a while and both Izabel and Tanner will enjoy them. After that we met up with my parents and went to the mall for some more shopping. I having been looking for the perfect hospital picture and coming home outfit for Tanner. I looked in all of the stores and only managed to find things for Izabel! I did find her the cutest Easter dress though. Green and pink polka dots! She's going to wear it Thursday for her easter pics and we will do our last family of three pics with Noah wearing green and me wearing pink. Hopefully they'll come out well and be nice and springy! After the mall I was exhausted so we went home and hung out until Noah got home. By then it was time to get ready for bed so Noah put Izzy down and we all tried to get some sleep!
Only 10 more days left of work and 16 days left until Tanner gets here!