Friday, March 25, 2011

A Very Special Day!

Today is a big day and no it's not my birthday - yet! Today is my mom's 60th birthday!!! On top of the fact that it is a big birthday for her, it is a day to celebrate the fact that she is still alive. 

The fact that she almost did not make it to this birthday is not lost on me and I have been a little teary all week thinking about it. My mind keeps going to back to those days in October and November when we didn't think she would make it to 60 years old. 

I'm sure she's not thrilled with my blasting her age all over the internet, but I think it's amazing that she's made it to this milestone and still looks and acts so much younger! She's still taking care of the kids, does things around the house for us during the day and is always available to all of us if we ever need anything.

She really is an amazing mom and we're never been more thankful to celebrate her special day. She's a walking miracle and we pray that we will experience many more special birthdays with her! 

Happy Birthday Mom! 
We don't tell you enough but we love you so much and couldn't survive with you!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love weekends! I mean who doesn't, but lately I just can't wait to be at home with the kids. I've been working really hard at keeping everything picked up each night so that I don't have to spend the whole weekend getting the house back in order from the week. It has given me so much more time to just relax and play!

Thursday is not really a weekend day, but since it was St. Patrick's Day I figured it could be included! Izabel had some fun activities at school with a sneaky leprechaun causing lots of chaos. He went potty and washed his hands in the sink leaving green all over the bathroom and messed up all the toys! Izabel thought it was so funny and has been blaming the leprechaun for everything ever since :)

Izzy and Drew at dinner for St Patrick's Day   
I guess he wasn't having a good time :)
Friday I met Candace at David's Bridal and ordered the bridesmaid dress for her wedding, the one for Jackie's wedding and the sash for Izabel's dress! Thank goodness for tax returns :) Of course doing that after work meant I spent forever sitting in Friday afternoon traffic to get home. Noah and Matt took Izabel and Drew to the hockey game and me and Candace hung out with Tanner for the evening. Izabel and Drew are so cute together and we always try to get a few good blackmail pictures for the future! The kids had a great time and stayed up way too late, perfectly acceptable every once in a while!!!

Saturday morning the kids slept until 8 so I actually got a shower and a cup of coffee while the house was quiet. It was beautiful and I certainly enjoy this on the rare occasions that it occurs. We went for a walk/bike ride and then ran some errands. We were supposed to go to Trevor's birthday party but the yucky stuff coming out of Tanner's nose kept us home :( I'm so sick of these never ending colds! 

Tanner enjoying his ride
I love my view on our walks :)
Izabel looks for the pink car everyday!
Miss Courtney came over to babysit so we could go to the hockey game Saturday night. We had a really great time sitting in the box and watching all the action up close and personal! Then we came home to watch the UFC fight, drink too much and stay up way too late!

Whipped cream vodka, orange soda and sherbet drinks - yum yum!
Sunday we played at home until Noah finally got out of bed! While he was sleeping I was working on a plan to turn the area off of our kitchen into a playroom. I want some organization and a place for the kids so I thought about bookshelves on the back wall, but I see our kids climbing up to the top and then us rushing to the ER. Needless to say I don't have a plan yet, but I'm open to suggestions! Feel free to comment :)

Once we were all ready to get going we finally went and joined the YMCA! I was so excited and we have already been twice since then. I'll do a separate post about this later. After we were finished we went to Best Buy to get my birthday present - a new wireless printer! I'm in love with it but having a few technical difficulties in getting it going on our home network. This is on the to-do list for next weekend! 

 We finished off our weekend the normal way around here - with homework! The kids snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and it was so cute seeing them snuggle :) Yay for weekends - let's get to the next one quickly please!!!
Snuggle time after the bath