Friday, February 27, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

Yesterday the weather was just gorgeous so we had to take the opportunity to get outside and take Izabel to the park. It's really hard to get motivated in the afternoons after we have both been working all day but we knew she would love it and she needed some fresh air! We got to the park and were surprisingly the only ones there. We took her on the slide, the swing and the bouncy thing but the slide was her absolute favorite. We both took turns taking her up and either sliding with her or catching her at the bottom. She loved watching us slide too. She was only a fan of the swing for a minute and then wanted to go right back to the slide. When we told her it was time to leave to go get dinner she threw a full out 2 year old tantrum. Complete with the screaming and fighting and pulling away. She tried to run back several times and cried in the car until we got to the restaurant. We ate at TGI Fridays and Izabel ate almost a whole kids hamburger and a whole plate of mandarin oranges! After pretty much eating nothing the last two days we were really excited to see her eat so much. She just doesn't seem to have that big of an appetite lately! We had a great afternoon together and we are very excited that it is Friday and we have the whole weekend together! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Walking up the stairs to get to the slide
Jumping on the bouncy bridge
Going down her favorite slide
On the swing
Running around with Daddy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Daddy's Shoes!

We were hanging out last night watching TV and we looked over and Izabel was playing with Noah's shoes. We usually don't let her do this but this time she was actually putting them on and trying to walk and it was so funny. She didn't realize we were watching so we grabbed the camera and got some shots. The funniest part is that she did this all on her own! We love watching her do new things!

Trying to get them on!
Wow these are heavy!Walking aroundShe can walk pretty well in those big thingsShe finally realized we were watching!

Monday, February 23, 2009


This past week we had our timeshare at Massanutten Ski Resort. We left last Friday after work and headed up with Noah's Aunt Ann and her roommate Lauri. Several of Noah's friends booked promotional weekends so they could all come with us. We got there around 6 and had dinner. We hung out until late that night just talking and drinking (obviously I wasn't drinking).

Noah and Brian in their matching shirts!
The Guys

We got up Saturday morning and everyone had to go do their promotional tour. Noah and I went to the grocery store and then went for our owner update. We managed to get out of there without buying anything which was exciting! After we got into our unit everyone went out on the slopes and I took a much needed nap! It was Valentine's day but we were also celebrating Noah's birthday so we just cooked out for dinner and then headed down to the bar. We were only there for a little while because it was packed and not really our scene. We went back to the unit and played cards until bed.
Sunday we slept late and then everyone went out on the slopes again while Ann and I went shopping for a few last minute birthday items. We gave Noah his presents and cards and watched a movie. Then we headed down to the water park for a while. We had a good time playing in the water. We cooked out again and had a great steak dinner and then played games. I had brought a birthday cake so we had some of that and then it was off to bed again.

Blowing out his birthday candles

On Monday we didn't do too much. We hung out until it was time for Lauri, Ann and I to head home. We had a pretty easy drive with great conversation. I was excited to see Izzy after the long weekend and I had a lot of packing to do to get her ready to go back up with me the following day.
Tuesday I had to work but I had everything packed up before I left in the morning. My mom brought Izabel over to have lunch with me and then we hit the road which saved me an hour of driving! Izabel was pretty good in the car. Snack cups and DVD players are the best inventions ever! Noah was pretty bored after being by himself for a while so he was excited to see us! We got settled in and then hit the grocery store again so we would have food for the rest of the week. Izabel was suffering from a pretty bad cold so we just hung out at the unit. She had to sleep in her pack n' play which she hates but we put her boppy pillow in there and she slept great! Now she sleeps with it every night!

Coloring while we made dinner

Wednesday we needed to get out of the unit so we took Izabel down to the park. It was so windy and with her cold and possible ear infection we didn't feel like we should stay so we just played inside. We let Izzy take a bath in the big jacuzzi tub which was like a little swimming pool for her and she loved it. Noah rented some movies and we had a good time just hanging out together.

She didn't know what to think at first but then she loved it!
Playing poker with Daddy!

Thursday we attempted the indoor pool. Izabel loved that as well but it was so cold that her lips were blue and her teeth were chattering so we made her get out to warm up. It also confirmed to us that the water park was going to be out of the question which was so sad since we had been looking forward to taking her there. We settled in with some movies again.

I love her bathing suit!
Swimming with Daddy
She loves the water
Friday we tried the park again but it was still really windy so that didn't last. We decided we would just head out Friday evening instead of having to get up early and be out in the morning so we started packing and loading up the car. We had dinner and then put Izzy in her pjs and hit the road. She watched two of her videos and then fell asleep and luckily went right to sleep when we got home.
Saturday we did a lot of the unpacking and then Noah and I went out to dinner for his friend Brian's birthday. We went to CPK and it was fantastic! Then they all went out to some clubs on Granby street while I went home to bed!
Sunday we all slept in super late, thanks Izzy, and then we spent the day with Ann. It's a rough day for her every year so we always make sure to be with her and keep her company. We had a nice afternoon and a great vacation. It was much needed and now hopefully I can keep the stress from building up again until it is time to go on leave! I hope everyone else had a nice relaxing weekend!