Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Izzy!

I can't believe our baby girl is two. years. old!!! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital holding her for the first time. These two years have been just crazy but they have been amazing! She has turned into a little person with her own personality and interests.

She loves playing outside no matter what we are doing. We go for walks, play in the backyard or just play on the driveway and she has a great time. She also loves being a little mommy to her baby dolls. She rocks them, changes them and bounces them just like she sees mommy doing to Tanner. She is also pretty athletic. She runs very fast...faster than us sometimes :) She can kick the soccer ball and throw a ball pretty far too!

She's still a very picky eater. We let her have sweets every now and then and she pretty much gets whatever we're eating for her meals. She does get gummy bears when she uses the potty! We still only give her milk and water to drink but she is fine with that and she gets plenty of real fruit throughout the day. Fruit and mac and cheese are probably her favorite foods at the moment. She also likes most breakfast foods like french toast sticks and waffles.

She's very stubborn and has developed quite the temper! Actually she's had the temper since the day she was born but now she can say No and Mine so that makes it a whole different ball game around here! The terrible twos should be fun :)

She's still not speaking a whole lot. She jabbers plenty and has about a dozen or so words that she uses frequently and correctly. She love to dance and will dance to pretty much any kind of music that she hears.

We can't imagine our life without her and we are looking forward to another wonderful year! We love you baby girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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October 8, 2007
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October 8, 2009

Tanner's Half Birthday

Today Tanner is 6 months old! These six months have really flown by! I guess that's because we haven't had the time to notice :) Tanner is just such a good baby. He's usually very relaxed. He puts up with Izabel messing with him all the time and he sleeps great!

He's rolling over and pretty much sitting up on his own. I still put something behind him just in case but he can do it! He's gotten very interested in his toys and loves looking at books and magazines. He has a blast playing in his entertainer as well.

We've given him rice cereal, oatmeal and he is almost through the vegetables. Once he has tried each one for a few days we will move on to fruit and then he will start getting more of a variety each day. Of course he has no problem eating his meals and he gets a little impatient if you aren't fast enough for him!

He smiles all the time and has started to laugh more and more. It's so funny when he gets laughing! He lights up as soon as we walk in the room and it's the greatest feeling in the world! His first year is half over and there are so many exciting firsts still to come! We can't wait to watch him experience everything! Happy Half Birthday Tanner Wayne! We love you bunches :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Izzy's 2nd Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had Izzy's birthday party at the house. We had friends and family over for some good food, cake and presents! Izabel had a couple of her little friends over and they played outside after we were done with cake. Izabel got lots of great gifts. We got her a bean bag for her room, a shopping cart and tons of food and dishes for her kitchen. Her godmother Humaira got her a beautiful American Girl Bitty Baby. Her name is Annie and Amy. Izzy is still deciding what she wants to call her :) She got lots of cute clothes, an alphabet apple, some puzzles, cds, a fairy costume, a tea party set, an aquadoodle, and a play vacuum. I'm sure I' m forgetting a few things but she did great and she loves everything! Of course my camera decided to act up so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Candace took some for me so there will be more pictures up soon! Thank you everyone for coming and for her gifts! She loves everything and woke up super early to get busy playing this morning :)

The birthday girl playing with Drew
Being silly and dancingShe hated her little hat :(Just some of the presents!
Her new princess shoesYay an aquadoodle!
She was so excited when she opened her new baby!
Hanging out on her new bean bag
Meet Annie or Amy (Izzy can't seem to decide!)
Cleaning the house for Mommy!