Monday, October 1, 2012

September Happenings

We've been busy this month adjusting to our new routine. The kids are doing really well with school all day but they are so tired at night. I knew it would be an adjustment and we are getting there. We've been busy on the weekends with football games and social events. Grandma and granddaddy don't see the kids everyday anymore so they have been having the kids over on Saturday nights for sleepovers. This has been nice for Noah and I to get out and have some nice dates and time with friends. Izabel moved up to Level 1 at gymnastics and she was so excited but also intimidated. It was so cute and she has been doing really well. 

ODU Football is 5-0 10-1 and heading to the playoffs right now
and we are loving every minute of it!!! 

Work is CRAZY! I have been super challenged so far this year and I am just trying to keep up. Between school and work I am pretty tired all the time but I'll survive. Noah is starting his last quarter of his degree and he will graduate October 27th. I'm very proud of him and really happy for him to be done!

October has lots in store so hopefully I can keep up a little more frequently with some big posts including a very big birthday! Hope everyone has a great week :)