Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trying New Foods

We have been a little slow to introduce too many new finger foods. I know a lot of babies her age that are already on them but I also know that she doesn't need and may not be ready for them for a few more months so we are taking our time. We are also feeding her mostly organic foods and she is doing great! She has mastered all of the level two foods, drinking with her sippy cup, holding her bottle herself and eating little biscuits or teething cookies. Tonight we tried a banana and some carrot wagon wheels. She managed to get down a bite of each one but that was about it. She wasn't sure what she thought about the wagon wheels and she couldn't quite get a hold of the banana pieces. They kept slipping onto the backs of her hands or she would get one in the middle of her palm and not be able to get it into her mouth. It was actually kind of funny but I'm sure it was frustrating for her. I guess we'll try those again tomorrow. Practice makes perfect!

Where did the banana go?

I don't think I like these!

She'll get it in her mouth eventually!