Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Colds and Fevers

So this weekend and this week so far have been a little boring for us. Last Thursday and Friday my mom was sick so Noah and I each took a day to stay home with Izabel. Saturday evening I noticed that Izabel was starting to feel warm. Then Sunday she woke up with a pretty high fever. Throughout the day it never got below 101 and was as high as 102.8. Sunday night I gave her a bath to try and bring down her temp. She started shaking so badly even though the water was warm and continued to shake for a while afterward. She didn't keep down her bottle and she was breating really shallow and fast. We called the CHKD nurseline but they said just to keep giving her Tylenol and fluids. Monday morning she had a 103 degree fever but I could not stay home with her. It's the end of the year for us at school so I have a huge list of things to finish Luckily my mom was better and she was able to come stay with Izabel. I told her to take Izabel's temp right before the doctor's office opened so I could report a current temp but by that time her fever was gone. She was pretty normal all day except for a loss of appetite. We did go to the doctor that night but they didn't find anything and just said to watch her for a couple more days. They did weigh her though and she is almost 17 pounds! That's a huge jump from the last weight but it was with her clothes and diaper on so it probably isn't completely accurate. Meanwhile I started feeling really bad on Monday and am still suffering from a little cold or sinus infection. All I want to do is sleep which is quite difficult with a very active almost 8 month old! Hopefully we'll all be much better by the weekend and come Thurday of next week I'll be home with Izabel full time!!!