Sunday, July 20, 2008

Past Couple of Days

The past couple of days have been quite nice around here. We've just been hanging out and enjoying our last few days of summer together. I go back to work on Wednesday so Izabel and I don't have too many week days left! Thursday we went to Macarthur mall to spend our Gymbucks! We love Gymboree and all the clothes are so cute. She got quite a few adorable outfits. Then we played in the food court and had lunch with RJ. Friday we had her 9 month pictures taken. We did them in her bathing suit and they were really cute. They'll be up soon! Saturday we went to Gymboree where she was the big kid in class for the first time. It's always been her following everyone around and not quite being able to keep up but this time she completed all of the obstacle courses first and no one could keep up with her! Then we went over to have dinner with Courtney and Ryan where she enjoyed playing with their dog Duke. She's been talking up a storm and trying to take steps everytime we stand her up! It's so much fun listening to her talk. She'll be walking soon and then we're in trouble!!!