Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week in Review!

Last week I was back at work full time. I had a conference in Virginia Beach Monday through Wednesday though so I only had to drive to Hampton one day (we don't work on Friday's in the summer). It was a long week and I'm really going to have to get used to working all day again. Friday started our tax free weekend here in Virginia so Izabel and I got up early and met Rebecca and RJ at Babies R Us to do some shopping. Diapers were on sale and you can never have enough of those! We got some other things too ofcourse and then we went to Office Max so I could get some things for school. We also hit up Kohl's for back to work clothes for me! It was fun but Izabel has been pretty cranky with this fourth tooth coming in. Saturday we went to Gymboree and she had a great time and then we went to Humaira's for the night. Izabel had a great time playing with her three little dogs! She had a horrible time sleeping though so it was a long night for both of us. Today we're just hanging out at home and trying to take it easy! It's back to work tomorrow but I have another conference that keeps me in Virginia Beach all week!