Friday, September 26, 2008

Outside Time and Reading

We finally got some outside time to play earlier this week with Izabel. She walked around the front yard with some of her balls but she was mostly watching the kids across the street and Daddy cleaning out the gutters (I don't know what came over him!) I think she enjoyed the outside time and so did we. Now that things are calming down a little at work I can get home a little earlier and hopefully have more of this time in the afternoons if it stops raining!

Izabel has been really getting into her books lately. She'll pull her boppy pillow down onto the floor and sit it in it with some of her favorite books. She'll flip through the pages like she is reading and sometimes she'll laugh at the pictures. She looks like she is lounging and it's so cute. That always makes me smile but nothing makes me smile more than coming into the room and seeing her in Noah's lap with him reading a book to her. It is so sweet and I think they both really enjoy this time together! Of course every time I grab the camera she thinks reading time is over but I'll get some pictures! Soon she'll have to share Mommy and Daddy time so for now she is getting all she can!