Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Years Together

5 years ago today Noah and I met standing outside of my house in Norfolk. Now anyone who knows the story of that night knows that it was not all romantic and everything but we did pretty much start dating from the night we met on and knew we would be together forever pretty soon after we started dating. It's been pretty amazing this week to think about how much our lives have changed in the past 5 years. We've had a wedding, bought a house, got new jobs, and have almost 2 kids. Instead of going out at 9 we go to bed at 9 and I pray no one calls after 9 and wakes me up! Of course once the new baby is born and we get through the up all night phase I'll start wanting to hang out on the weekends and stuff again but for right now that seems like a totally different world to me. Now you may be thinking, "what are Whitney and Noah going to do to celebrate?" Well the answer is nothing. Noah is out of town in Atlantic City with a bunch of the guys. It's someones bachelor party or so he tells me. So Izabel and I will spend the day cleaning the house and doing some shopping and then eating whatever I can find in the fridge and going to bed. Sounds romantic right! I'll let Noah make it up to me when he gets home! Here is a picture I found of us about a week after the night we met. It's amazing to see how 5 years has changed our looks as well as our lifestyles!