Monday, November 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Noah was out of town (again) this past weekend so it was just me and Izabel hanging out at home. Friday I had a field trip so I didn't get home until almost bedtime but Izabel went to bed well and slept until 8 on Saturday morning (something I am very thankful for!) We had breakfast and played for a while and then we decided to get dressed and head out to do some shopping. Well it was freezing so we didn't make it anywhere other than Target. We both took a nice nap and had a pretty nice day together. We ran out at dinner time to grab some food. Izabel most have been very cozy in all her layers because she was asleep by the time we got home. I carried her in and laid her on the floor while I put the food in the kitchen and when I came back in this is what I saw.

It was so funny that I didn't want to wake her up!

We spent Sunday cleaning the house and getting ready for the upcoming holiday. Noah came home around 3 and I think Izabel was a little mad at him for leaving. We had a great dinner (I've been in a cooking mood lately) and then relaxed until bedtime. Noah went into Izabel's room before we went to bed to make sure she was covered up. Somehow he can manage to do it without waking her up and I can't. He told me to come look and we saw her sleeping very soundly but looking very uncomfortable!

It was again very funny and I'm glad we got a picture.

Thank goodness it is a short work week! I have a half day Wednesday and then I am done for the week. Then it is only three weeks until my beautiful 2 week Christmas Break!!! Have a good short week everyone!