Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bye Bye Bottles

We stopped the bottle feeding and went to sippy cups quite a while ago but we were holding on to that last night time feeding to make sure Izabel made it through the night without waking up hungry. We've been slowly decreasing the amount of milk each night with plans to get rid of it completely as soon as I go on Christmas break but Friday night as I was fighting with Izabel to get her to drink it I realized that if she doesn't take it willingly then why should I try? So since this past friday we have put her to bed with no bottle and up until last night she has been fine. Last night she woke up and had a hard time going back to sleep but she's getting her molars so that could be to blame as well. We're pretty happy to be done with the bottles! She still gets her binky but only in her crib and we're okay with that. We don't want to wean her from them just to turn around and pull them back out for Tanner. She'll have enough adjustments to get used to without being confused about why Tanner can have a binky but she can't! We'll work on those when I'm home over the summer. Until then we're going to be happy getting as much sleep as possible!