Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on Tanner

Well with the holidays and everything all of the posts have been about Izabel so I decided to give everyone an update on the pregnancy and little Tanner. This week will make me 24 weeks pregnant. That means there are only about 14 weeks left until our anticipated delivery day (since I have to have a scheduled c-section). I am feeling much better than earlier on but I am still exhausted. I guess being pregnant with a 1 year old running around at the same time would be hard on anyone. It has been really nice being home for a little while though and I still have this week to do a little more relaxing.

Tanner has been moving around a lot lately. Noah felt him for the first time Christmas night. Yay for my kids moving for him on special days! He felt Izabel for the first time on Father's day and now Tanner on Christmas so they will both be special memories. Last night we actually saw Tanner moving. It is still really weird to see something moving around beneath your skin! Hopefully he will be good to me for the next 14 weeks and maybe take it easy on the kicking in the middle of the night (but I won't hold my breath!)