Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Long Weekend!

This past weekend was pretty slow around our house. On Friday I stayed in and took it easy while Noah went out to play bingo at midnight with his friend Ryan. That meant that Saturday he was too tired to get up with Izabel so I got up with her and we had breakfast together. We played and then by 11 I decided it was time for Noah to get up. I don't think he was pleased with my decision but I wasn't pleased with his so I guess all is fair. He finally got up so we could go run some errands after we all had lunch. Of course by the time we finally got in the car it was nap time so Izabel was out before we left the neighborhood. This meant that I got to jump in and out of the car to do the things we needed to do and we skipped the stores that required us to both get out. When we got home we cleaned up some and got ready for the hockey game. The Admiral's hosted a Pink in the Rink event to benefit Susan G. Komen which is still very close to my heart. The ice was pink and they had lots of items to auction off to raise money. We had a great time! Check out the pic of the pink ice courtesy of!

Sunday morning we both got up with Izabel but that was only because Noah had to leave to go play football. He finally got the boxes of baby stuff out of the attic for me but the Christmas lights are still up outside! My parents stopped by while he was gone and played with Izabel for a while. Then Noah came home long enough to change and go back out to watch football at a friends house. Around dinner time Rebecca and RJ met us at McDonald's for dinner and then we went back to our house to have the great clothing swap! RJ is going to have a little sister so it was a perfect arrangement except for the fact that RJ had A LOT more clothes than Izabel. I felt bad for taking so much when I didn't have as much to give but Rebecca was happy to have it out of her house and to take what she got. I've been slowly going through the 7 boxes of clothes, shoes, hats, etc... and there is a lot of cute stuff. Hopefully this arrangement will benefit both of us and continue as the kids get older!

Monday I got to stay home in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My mom came over to babysit so Noah and I could go see a movie. I guess a lot of people had the same idea because the movies were packed. We saw Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood and it was really good. It started out a little slow but picked up and was a really great story. It has a lot of racism, language and violence so it's not for kids but a great grown-up movie! On the way home we stopped by and Home Depot and finally got the paint for Tanner's room. The room is already a light blue called Morning Breeze but we got a darker blue called Ocean Tropic (fitting for the under water theme) for the bottom half. The room has still not been cleared out so it is no where near ready to be painted but buying the paint was progress! Hopefully my husband will feel a little more productive this coming weekend!

Tuesday I ended up staying home again because of all of the "snow" that we had. Turns out the school systems relied a little too heavily on the forecast instead of looking out the window because there was no snow or ice but we stayed home. It was the biggest waste of a snow day I can remember but it was nice to be able to stay home and watch Obama's inauguration. It truly was a historic day and this fact was not lost on me while I watched it all happen. No matter your political beliefs or your feelings on Obama as a person you have to realize that yesterday changed the history of this country forever. Obama has a lot of work to do and he is going to need the prayers and support of everyone. Hopefully you got to see it but if not I'm sure you caught clips on the news! We spent the whole day at home and, shock, Noah was gone most of the day. After he got home from work he had to go back for a meeting where they had food and beer so he hung out there until it was time for poker. I know, we probably had a little too much family time this weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm! Enjoy the rest of your week!