Friday, February 27, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

Yesterday the weather was just gorgeous so we had to take the opportunity to get outside and take Izabel to the park. It's really hard to get motivated in the afternoons after we have both been working all day but we knew she would love it and she needed some fresh air! We got to the park and were surprisingly the only ones there. We took her on the slide, the swing and the bouncy thing but the slide was her absolute favorite. We both took turns taking her up and either sliding with her or catching her at the bottom. She loved watching us slide too. She was only a fan of the swing for a minute and then wanted to go right back to the slide. When we told her it was time to leave to go get dinner she threw a full out 2 year old tantrum. Complete with the screaming and fighting and pulling away. She tried to run back several times and cried in the car until we got to the restaurant. We ate at TGI Fridays and Izabel ate almost a whole kids hamburger and a whole plate of mandarin oranges! After pretty much eating nothing the last two days we were really excited to see her eat so much. She just doesn't seem to have that big of an appetite lately! We had a great afternoon together and we are very excited that it is Friday and we have the whole weekend together! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Walking up the stairs to get to the slide
Jumping on the bouncy bridge
Going down her favorite slide
On the swing
Running around with Daddy