Tuesday, March 3, 2009

32 Week Check Up

Today was my 32 week check up even though I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. We've managed to get a little behind but it's no big deal. Dr. Hammer says he is expecting Tanner to be pretty big. We'll have an ultrasound at our next appt. (almost 36 weeks) and see just how big we think he'll get and that will pretty much be it for visits until the c-section. We explained how having Tanner during spring break would help to make some of my 14 day unpaid period actually paid and he said he would be perfectly fine taking Tanner up to 14 days early! That would be April 8th and that is what we are trying to get. They'll call in the next couple days to schedule everything so pretty soon we'll know Tanner's birthday!!! It's exciting to be counting down and to have that big question answered. I would never risk the health of Tanner because of finances but as long as he will be fully developed and ready to come out than the sooner the better! Now we just have to hope that Tanner cooperates and waits to come until he's told! At least there are only 23 days left of work and in about 5 weeks we will meet our son!