Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!

Yesterday my brother Matthew turned 18! I can't believe he is all grown up now! Izabel and I went over to my mom's after dinner and met up with everyone for cake and ice cream and presents. This is our normal tradition for birthdays since they all seem to fall in March and April. It gets to be way to much to go out to dinner or have some big event for everyone since there is at least one birthday every week for about 6 weeks. Of course Noah and I aren't helping by having Tanner in the middle of birthday season but everyone will survive! We all had a nice time chatting and Izabel got to show off her latest tricks. Noah was sick so he stayed home and we were missing Keith and Michelle but Josh was there so it was a pretty good gathering! Happy Birthday again and I hope you had a great day Matt!

Make a Wish!
Izzy reading a story with Aunt Amy
Trying to talk to the "Ruff Ruff"
(AKA - My mom's dog Tucker!)