Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Updates and Trip to Richmond

This weekend was pretty busy with two out of town trips but we had a little down time at home as well. Izabel spent some time coloring with her new markers until she started putting them in her mouth. Thank goodness they are the color wonder kind so the color only shows up on the paper. She has this thing about chewing on writing utensils. She doesn't put anything in her mouth anymore except crayons and markers! We're working on it. Tanner spent time sleeping as usual. I actually got to lay down for a nap with him on Friday. I had to get up before him because Izabel woke up but he was very comfortable laying on my bed so I let him nap a little longer!

Sunday we drove up to Richmond with my parents. Noah couldn't go because of work but I don't think he minded that much. We actually got out of the house ahead of schedule but we ended up running really late because of the rain. We stopped at the hospital so I could visit Mandy and take her some baby gifts. I visited for just a little bit since we were running late and Izabel was very hungry. Then we headed to my Aunt's house to visit with her and my cousins. They were very excited to meet Tanner. Izabel always has a great time playing with Sydney and Nathan and we all enjoy getting to catch up! Hopefully we'll see them more this summer!

Michelle and Blaine with Tanner
Sydney and Izabel giving loves
Aunt Mary and Nathan with Tanner