Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretlow Play

Today we met the play group at the Pretlow Library in Norfolk. The whole second floor is dedicated to children and it is so neat! They have tons of books and a room for story time but they also have puzzles, games, a kitchen and creative play area and a soft mat play area. In the soft mat area there are tunnels and fun foam blocks with velcro that stick to the walls! Izabel had so much fun and she was so good! No hitting today which made me very happy. Even Tanner had a good time laying on the floor smiling up at me :) The only sad thing is that we can't check out books because we don't live in Norfolk but we'll start visiting the library here soon!

Recipe for a great play date:
Fun play area + Kids Izabel's age + FREE admission = Perfect!

(Only a couple pics because I thought I forgot my camera until the very end)

Getting blocks to stick on the wall
Izzy is very protective and she didn't want any other kids around Tanner