Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend with Mimi

Thursday morning Mimi (Noah's Mom), Aunt Deb and Cindy came to visit. They came over Thursday when we all got home from work and we had a great dinner and hung out. Friday I went to work but everyone else went down to the beach and walked around. Izzy got to play in the sand and on the playground.

Friday night my Mom watched the kids so the grown-ups could go out to dinner and then to Hunt Club. Our first date was to Hunt Club so we go every year and we had a great time this year as well. The haunted hay ride wasn't all that great but we had so much fun walking behind everyone in the corn maze watching them run in circles! It was nice to go out without the kids and have a great time!

Cindy, Noah and Me at dinner
Noah, Me and Mimi on the hayride

Saturday we planned on going to the Children's festival downtown but we were worried it would rain on us. Sure enough it started raining as soon as we were heading out to the car so we ended up just hanging out at home for the day. Everyone came over for dinner and then me and Noah, Andy, Mimi and my Dad headed to the ODU game. The rain held out and we had a great time. ODU won 34-16! Go Monarchs! We came home and said goodbye to everyone. Mimi, Aunt Deb and Cindy were heading back to Vermont this morning and Gigi was heading back to Florida! We had a great time with them and we can't wait to see them again :)

They found a turtle in the backyard pond
Helping Mimi cook dinner!

Today the kids slept until almost 9:00am for me! We did some things around the house and then went out to run errands and have pictures taken. Grandma and Grandaddy went to help me. We got a couple great shots and finally got Izabel's halloween costume which she'll need for a costume party next weekend :)

We hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!